Belgium workpermit rejected because of salary

Hello ,

I got a job and my employer processed thr workpermit B . But i received feedback from my new employer that they receive no go from authorities for work-permit .
Reason for no go is , salary falls below the barrier of being able to work in belgium .
What is the minimum wages?
I employer is ready for salary hike then do they file a fresh work permit ?
Or these rejection will have any impact on anything ?

Please help

To my knowledge, the salary should be ~ 40K Euros (39.6K + to be specific). Not sure how this rejection might affect a fresh application though.

It seems the law changed a bit. … loyees.pdf
Restrictions that would otherwise limit
the validity of a work permit to eight years
do not apply in cases where the highly
qualified person has signed an employment
contract with the Belgian company (i.e. has
not been posted to Belgium) and earns a
gross annual salary of at least EUR 66,942
(as from 01.01.17).

If your annual salary is more than EUR 40,124, you should be able to get the Work Permit. Was it less than that?

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