Malaysia Automated foreigner e-Gate for fast immigration clearance

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Recently Malaysia has started to e-Gate for foreigner to fast immigration clearance.
Some Key Points:
1.Avoid Queue
2.Registration Booth available only on KLIA and KLIA2 Arrival Hall.
3.Registration Booth timing
9:00 AM -1:00 PM
2:00 PM - 5:00 PM

What does the change mean? Foreign nationals who hold these passes can now use the eGate at Kuala Lumpur International Airport to avoid long queues.

Implementation time frame: Completed.
Visas/permits affected: Long-term passes such the Employment Pass and Dependent Pass.
Who is affected: Foreign employees and their dependents.
Impact on processing times: eGates provide faster lanes and shorter clearance procedures.
Business impact: Foreign employees and dependents holding long-term passes will pass through airport checkpoints faster upon entry and exit.

This has been in force under another name for some while but now I believe a printout is produced when using the gate. This is important for Tax Resident purposes for proof of arrival as passport not stamped. Its optional to use it. It has been known to malfunction and then must get printout equivalent at the service desk. For those in the process of calculating 182 days for first full tax year it may still be advisable to get your passport stamped.

Is the registration counter after immigration, before baggage claim at KLIA? Is it accessible from domestic arrivals, or only international? I usually only go through KLIA/2 in transit to Langkawi, or via domestic arrivals LGK to KL

Good advice about the e-Gate. I've recently had a lot of problems because I used the e-gate rather than going through and getting my passport stamped. I've done nothing I shouldn't have but when it comes to changing employers it seems there's no way to get an official record of entry and exit dates. I could collect the tickets from the e-gate, but I'm not sure if they'd be accepted. I've tried going to the immigration office at both the airport and in Putrajaya, each of them said it was the other office that was supposed to issue the official record. I'm still stuck. If anyone knows a way to get this I'm all ears!


I've confirmed with immigration office that category I/II EP holder can also register their passport at following location.

Please try this another option if you are already in Malaysia and can't get in airplane:

Pass (DP11) Unit

Expatriate Services Division (ESD),

Headquarters of the Immigration Department Malaysia,

Level 3 (Podium) Blok 2G4, Precint 2,

Pusat Pentadbiran Kerajaan Persekutuan,

62550 Putrajaya

Tel : 03-88801440/1449

*Please check operation hour on Jabatan Imigresen homepage.

Please be advised that immigration office didn't mention about MM2H or other long-term visa holders.

For further information, please contact esdhelpdesk[at]

Good luck.

Works great at KlIA. At KLIA2 there is only an e-gate for foreigners when you return to Malaysia, not when you depart!

Queues are often long at the manual processing so I am thinking to quit flying AirAsia for that sole reason.

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