Foreigner(visitors) Muslim Marriage in Malaysia

Hello Beautiful Malaysia,

Does Foreigner(Couple) can legally married in Malaysia?
If yes KINDLY someone share info, personal experience what is the procedure ?

your answers will be highly appreciated .

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Hi there. I saw your post seeking for assistance for getting marry in Malaysia. To be frankly, I owned a consultation company that basically assist foreigners that are facing the similar problems like yours. I have successfully assisted alot of foreigners couple married in Malaysia. I understand that the process might be confusing and difficult. So if you interested, please do not hesitate to reply me and I'm happy to assist you.


That's sounds really great !!
How can we reached to you !!

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Dear Amani,

Could you please give me your email address?  I need your assistance about your country regulation

hi Amanilim i want to reach u too pls

Bit of an old one now but I suspect a few people will be interested in the answer.
It clearly is possible because my wife and I, neither of us being Malay, were legally married in Malaysia.

Hello Fred! May you please share the experience? Was it very troublesome? Im canadian and my fiance is indonesian we want to get married in malaysia. Your help will mean a lot to us

It was pretty easy.
A couple of places were less than ready to welcome us but the Islamic centre in Shah Alam (Near the big blue mosque) were great.
They issued an appropriate ID card for me and we were married the next day.
I needed a certificate of no impediment, birth certificate and passport from the UK and she needed her birth certificate.
The dudes phoned her dad to get permission and left the line open through the ceremony, asking him questions from time to time.

That was about that.

Oh, you have to have a HIV test before you marry.

Madam what about my issue?

Hi Nelle26,

First off, congratulations and may you have a happy marriage!

Here are some links, hope they are of help :) … rkahwinan/ … d-malaysia … laysia.htm

Cant see anything on the link😏😥

I think it's under review, how about I message you in private?  :)

Sure...thanks a lot

nelle26 :

Cant see anything on the link😏😥

Hi Nelle, the links are available now :)

I got it..thank you😊

Dear Amanilim,

      I read your post and came to know that you are assisting people for getting married in Malaysia. I am going to get married in Kuala Lumpur next month. I need your services regarding marriage. Please reply me or give me your contact so that I can contact you directly.

Thank you

Hi Nauman. I have private message you. Tq.

Posters should be aware there is absolutely no need to pay agencies in order to get married.
There are plenty of friendly officials that are more than willing to help you for free.
As long as your intention is a real marriage, it's not all that hard.

My experience was very positive, the officials at the Islamic centre in Shah Alam being extremely helpful.

On the off chance any of them read this, I would like to thank you for your help with our marriage, and let you know, 11 years and 2 kids later, things are pretty good.

To posters, don't let agents make things sound like hard work so they can rip you off for fees you simply don't need to pay.
One thing those unfamiliar with Malaysia find out very quickly, there are loads of 'agents' that'll offer services for anything they think they can make a bit of money from, marriage one day, sorting out a car rental the next.
You get the idea.

Hi Fred,
        I am completely agreed with you. I am coming to Malaysia soon to get married. I hope things will be smooth for me. Actually foreigners prefer assistance of agents because they are not properly aware of the situation and attitude of officials. But I still believe that the process is not hard and complicated. Anyone can go through.

I would have to agree about how easy it is to get married in Malaysia, I also had no issues as well. No agents were needed, at least 12-1/2 years ago.

Someone must be really dumb to pay an agent to get married in Malaysia

If you got married so long ago, Iskandarhack, hopefully an application for a PR has been lodged.

Gravitas :

If you got married so long ago, Iskandarhack, hopefully an application for a PR has been lodged.

Not yet, we lived in the US until about 4 years ago. I'm looking at starting the process when my current 5 year visa is due to be renewed. Main thing is I need to really start working on my Malay. But I should have plenty of time when I retire the end of June.

hello  me and My fiancé are planned to get married in malaysia and both of us are foreign is it possible ?

Yes, but lots of paperwork required and a 3 week wait after regstering to get married. … laysia.htm

From earlier post - … d-malaysia

we can get married even we are  just visitor ? and how long take  for we done with everything

Hi Gravitas,
              I think here we are talking about Muslim marriage in Malaysia and links you provided are about civil marriage. So there is a difference between civil and Muslim marriage process in Malaysia. You know civil marriage is quite simple but Muslim marriage process a bit long. Like pre marriage course, Wali, 4 witnesses, HIV test etc.

Hi Exender _dali,

            Of course you can get married in Malaysia when you are on visit. But you must check the category of marriage first. If you and your fiancee are Muslims then you must have to go for Muslim marriage process. If you both are not Muslim then your marriage will be according to civil law.
    Note: if one of you either you or your fiancee are Muslim and one is non Muslim then you can't get legally married in Malaysia.  Hope this information will help you.

thank you guys for help and answers i have other question. how long take procedure ?

Civil Marriage:
                       You can submit marriage application after 7 days of your arrival in Malaysia. And the date of marriage must be minimum 3 weeks later from marriage application submission date.

Muslim Marriage:
                                If all documents are ready then no time limit. But it also takes approximately 1 week if all documents are ready in normal cases.

after i done with my marriage in malasyia should i stay in the country  mean in malalysia or i can travel somewhere else ?

It's up to you. If you want to stay than you have apply for long term social visit pass. It will take approximately 7 working days to approve.

how can i apply for this  ?

Nauman601 - that is only possible for foreigners marrying a Malaysian (applying for a LTSVP). It is also 6 months after the marriage has been conducted and registered.

Xander - There is no status for just getting married in Malaysia. People have to leave as they are on a tourist visa which will eventually expire.

By going to immigration office. Required documents detail is available at Malaysian immigration website.

ah really after im done with marriage i can  travel feom malaysia i dont have stay there  right

Yes, you are free to leave. Think of it like a holiday with a purpose.

               Are you sure that only after 6 months of marriage one can apply LTSP ? and if one wants to be with his wife in Malaysia after marriage then what is the solution?

Short visits unless having other immigration status already, such as Professional EP - check with FB group Foreign Spouses Support Group Malaysia.

Under their Notes section are lots of guides to marrying and coming to live in Malaysia with local Spouse

Because Malaysia has a Federal system there are some slight differences between the States

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