How to apply Red IC in Malaysia

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Does anyone know how to apply Red IC in Malaysia?

Can anyone guide me on how to apply Red IC or is there any good agent to recommend?

Appreciate for your kind help.

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If it is for a foreign spouse,, suggest you join this Facebook Group (Foreign Spouses Support Group) for information -  You deal direct with immigration and Malaysian spouse always has to attend meetings. No agents can be involved.

If you mean the Maroon one for workers in the Manufacturing Industry? This is all done online these days and agents are not necessary.

Info about the two online systems - … n-workers/

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Thanks for your reply. Do you have any contact which i can contact you for further discussion on this issue?

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need any assist ?

Because i live in Malaysia in life time

cntact me

If dependent pass category 1 i can help. Red ic very difficult

Eligibility for Permanent Residence and Citizenship for Spouses of Malaysians
Permanent Residence
Eligibility of Permanent Residence (PR) is 5 full years on LTSVP for spouse not counting any visa that is less than 1 year. Approval of PR may take 2-3,4 years. 
Application and Checklist is provided at Permit Masuk Counter of State Immigration Department upon eligibility check. 
As a Permanent Resident you will get a Red IC however you will not have the right to vote and you retain your Nationality and Passport.

Eligibility for citizenship for wives of Malaysians is 2 years after PR, approval may take 2-3 years.
Eligibility for citizenship for husbands of Malaysians is 10 years after PR, approval may take 2-3 years.
Application and Checklist may be collected at JPN.   
You will get a Blue IC, be required to renounce your own country’s citizenship as Malaysia practices Single Citizenship and use a Malaysian Passport.

Do remember that we are reminded often, that Permanent Residence and Citizenship is not our right but a Privilege accorded by the Government.

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klu nak ic merah macam mana tuhan2

@Mr akash > could you please write in English in this English speaking forum so that everyone can understand? Thank you

Hi there,
My name is Rubayet. I am currently working in KL Malaysia as a customer service executive for Teledirect telecommerce sdn bhd for last 2 and half years.

I came Malaysia on February 2016. I am holding the employment pass. Category 2. My yearly income is near about 48000 ringgit. I am paying all the taxes regularly.

Now I am interested to apply for PR.
How should I proceed , can you suggest ?

Best regards,
Rubayet Ahmed.

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I think the minimum salary to apply is quite high because for the Talent Corp visa (10 yrs renewable) it is RM15k per month. The professional sector has to be relevant to the economic growth plans for Malaysia, i.e. the person's talents will continue to expand those goals. The salary you mention is now Category III … -malaysia/

Professionals - third category needs to be recommended by a relevant local agency in Malaysia and needs to produce a certificate of good conduct from their country of origin. Requirement is minimum of three years working experience for either a government agency or a private* company.

*it seems to say that the private company should be producing benefits for the country as a whole, e.g. teachers, who work in International schools which widen the educationnal status of local Malaysians.

Hi ,
Thank you so much for your kind reply.
I have one more question, if my girlfriend is Malaysian and if we want to get married what will be the process?
We both are Muslim. I am currently holding work permit category 2.
Kindly advise.

Thank you
Rubayet Ahmed

Join Facebook group "Foreign Spouses Support Group Malaysia" and check in their "Notes" section.

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