How easy and difficult to get a job

I heard that getting a job for new immigrants in Canada without "Canadian experience" is impossible. How true is this?

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I would think it is not impossible but very difficult. It would depend on your qualifications, experience and whether the position is on a skills list.

This really depends on the industry/profession you wish to secure employment.

For certain professions such as legal and medical, you also need Canadian credentials, not just Canadian experience. For other industries such as finance, you could apply using (some) credentials and work experience from the U.S. and the U.K.

For most mid-level to high-level positions, you will need Canadian work experience.

Hi everyone
I am a prospective student wanting to pursue masters in Electrical Engineering. I want to know how good are the job opportunities for a person holding a masters degree in Electrical Engineering and what provinces have more opportunities?

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