Immigrating to Canada

From South Africa to Niagara falls next summer I would like to try and find my partner a position in the engineering line as in the pulp and paper steel or textile industry he has expensive experience as a maintenance fitter 20 years in the pulp and paper alone.

Does Hamilton Steel car have any vacancies?

Or St Catherines pulp and paper mill.

Kind regards
Pat and JJ

There's a lot of Job site in Canada, your partner can start applying online..but this site will give you a lot of insight on how to apply, process and how to find employer when you get Canada. … ment.shtml

Hope this will help you.

Thanks I will try that website I have submitted his resume to a company in Hamilton and they very interested they will keep his resume for 6 months, Hamilton is about 60kms from Niagara falls!

Thanks I will still try this site as well.

Kind regards