Skilled labourer from Cameroon to canada

i am in need of information on how to proceed with a friends travel plans to work and stay over in canada temporally or permanently, i will appreciate contributions of all forms
thanks in advance

Hello globaltravel.

Welcome to! :)

Maybe you could tell us more about yourself and your actual situation so that we can guide you.

If you have specific questions, do not hesitate to ask them and to browse the other threads on the Ontario forum.

Thank you,

Start here: … ne.asp?s=1

Have fun!

Good day. Please get in touch with me if you or your friend are still looking to work in Canada.

hello i am quite interested so please tell me the modalities, i will be waiting on you asap:P:P:P

Hello friend,
My name is Charles and i am looking forward to come to Canada, how can you be of help to me?


@Charles > please download the guide expat in Canada. You will find lots of information.