Hoping to move to Ontario from the UK

Hi everybody
I'm new to this site so apologies if I'm posting on the wrong page!  I'm in the very early stages of planning a move to Canada with my partner. We're both professionals (I'm a sales manager, he's a freelance graphic designer) and after speaking to an immigration lawyer it would seem our best way forward is to secure a job offer.  Could anybody give me any tips on the best place to start - are some websites better than others, does a call work better than email, etc.  Also, is the Toronto area the best place to look for work as I'd ideally like to move to the Peterborough or Kingston area.
Any help and advice would be gratefully received - thank you!

Welcome on Expat.com Allie :)

I will suggest you to browse through the articles on the Work in Canada guide page. It contains many useful information & resources which will surely guide you in your career search.


It's a bit of work for an employer here to hire someone from out of the country. The usual "prove that this person has some skill set that you cannot find locally" applies. Having said that, it's not difficult, just requires a lot of paperwork.
Coincidentally, I did work for a company in Peterborough that hired a person from Brazil and although it took a while, it worked out great and she still works there.
Peterborough and Kingston are EXTREMELY small job markets so if you are not already networked there it could prove pretty challenging to land meaningful (or any) work. The Toronto area is HUGE and you wouldn't have to live in the city to work there. Loads of people commute from smaller towns if that's what you're looking for. In terms of getting a feel for the job market, I suggest Monster.ca or Workopolis.ca as to of the largest job portals.  Best of luck!

Allie C, Yes the first thing to do is to secure a job offer. There's a lot of job bank site in Canada, and there you can find a prospective employer. You can do it yourself than paying immigration lawyer, (sorry, no offends here) as far as I know hiring one is not really a guarantee to get a work visa. Once you secure a job offer you can visit the official website of the immigration. www//:cic.gc.ca  from there you will get the right information for your application. Will get in touch with you to help more..