Asking for sponsor to work in dubai

Helo I am Mey 27 from Indonesia Jakarta, I really want have working in outside my country and I trying browsing to find information till now, here I just want to ask maybe this will help me to get information, if anybody know information to find sponsor company who can make me work in your country just feel free to inform me, looking forward to hear back. Thank you

Hello Met,

I think you might have got some wrong info. You would first need to get a job in order for a company/person to sponsor you unless you have close relatives to sponsor you.

Of course with the new rules you are able to get a 6months visa to try and find a job or a 1 to 3 months visit visa where you could do the same.

This you could get from any travel agent. If I can ask, what kind of a job are you looking for?


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