How can I change employer, even I didn't complete 1 year in Bahrain?

Hi expertise,
I am here in Bahrain from 30 Jan 2018 (Work Visa). Now I want to change my job(employer), but my current sponser is not agree to give me NOC for transfer. But they told me that if I pay 250 BHD compensation (visa charge), they will deport me. But my concern is that if I am paying compensation, can I join another company without exit?
I am ready to give resign(30 days notice) and compensation cost, but I want to join another company. Is there exact solution?
And my passport is there with employer also

Resignation you can give by sending it through the post office and retaining the slip. 

For passport, you need to approach MOL, file a complaint about the matter and then go to the local police station and complain.  Keep in mind that it is a back and forth process between your embassy, police station and MOL.

You need them to cancel your visa and then you will have 30 days to transfer to a new employer.  They cannot deport you; it is an empty threat which you can ignore.  But document the case before MOL after sending resignation through post office as they CAN report you as absconding after 15 days.

Hi i would like to ask also My partner is working under a big fast food company and now his manager is blackmailing him to resign or else he will make problems causing him to be terminated.
Is there a way for him to change or work in other company without leaving bahrain? And is there money to be paid for the employer?we fear that he will be dedeported because of not finishing his contract.

Replied on your other thread.  Please don't post same question in multiple places.

Thank you XTang,
I sent resign  via post office, the give me white slip. Shall I go LMRA before my last duty? And what is the next step?

First go to Ministry of Labour, show that you have submitted the resignation and tell them what your employer is threatening.  Take any and all documents you have.  Register formal complaint and get record of the same.  Then go to the police station, show them the complaint of the MOL and register complaint about passport.  In some cases, they will ask you to come through the Embassy which means another extra trip.

After doing all of that, wait for the resignation to be received by the employer and then take that proof and go to LMRA.  Show them all documentation and ask for guidance.  It could be that your employer would have cancelled visa by then but if not, LMRA can help with that.

Go to the LMRA

Please don't comment unless you have hands on knowledge of employee and employer disputes.  This may end up creating problems for the members who are already in trouble.

The person who posted has three issues:

1) Resignation not being accepted and compensation demanded
2) Passport being retained with employer
3) Transfer not being given / Cancellation not being done

In order to clarify why your comment was not appropriate for the matter:

1) Resignation doesn't require you to go to LMRA.  Compensation demand / threats are a matter between employee and employer; hence it's not covered by LMRA and MOL is lead agency for this.  See LMRA guidance on the matter

2) Passport is again MOL, Embassy and Police matter, not LMRA

3) LMRA will only intervene here after the first two points are addressed.  As the person hasn't worked for a year with the employer, he is not eligible for transfer without consent

Having gone through literally dozens and dozens of disputes from employer side, I can tell you that even similar nature disputes can have very different outcomes depending on who you approach first and how you document the case.

My resignation has been accepted by employer. But they are asking me about ticket, means I have to submit valid ticket with date to return home country. According to my concern I just need my passport with cancelled visa. So can they cancel my work permit after my deportation? Or before my travel. I want to be sure. I already paid all the compensation of company and they will give me passport in my flight date.I submit duplicate ticket with them but I still have duty till 16 th june.. the will give me passport at 17 june then I need to join another company. Is it possible ?

I have no idea what you just wrote.

1) No one can retain your passport without your consent
2) No one can deport you without due process of law and that can only be done if you violated some laws
3) They just need to cancel visa and hand you back the passport.  You have the right to stay 30 days after cancellation
4) They can choose not to give cost of the ticket if you don't leave but that is all they can do

Thank you. May be my current employer will cancel my visa after my last day duty of notice period. can my new employer directly apply for my visa in lmra or I need any no objection letter from old employer? I think they will not give me any noc letter..

If they cancel visa then you don't need NOC.

But they are treating me that they will give me a passport there at airport immigration otherwise they will file a run away it real/ possible?

Nonsense. If visa is cancelled then they have no rights over you anymore.

And no one can keep your passport legally. Go to the police station and register a complaint to get it back.

Thank you.

I completed my notice peroid duty. Now my employer asking me about a return ticket. They told me that When I provide return ticket then they will cancel visa. May be I have to file a case now, but what type of document I need ? and shall I go lmra or labour court or police station?

You are not at all clear.  You first said that they have cancelled visa and now you are saying that they haven't.

You need to give complete and clear details for anyone to be able to help you.

For passport go to police station.  For labor disputes and end of service, go to labour ministry.  Resign and get proof of the same and go to LMRA to register intent to cancel visa.

Sir Thank you so much. I completely follow your instruction and got passport from old employer after visa cancellation but when my new employer apply my visa via online then LMRA system tells " not eligible for transfer because work permit has been terminated" Again my employer try for New visa application they told us " submit medical certificate of gamca" if I need to submit medical certificate I need to go home country getting confused how can I get work visa/ permit again without exit from bahrain. My new employer doesn't have more idea so I asked you. Is there any solution?
Note: My old visa has been cancelled in 25 th june 2018.

For gamca the old number should work or a scanned report from hospital inside Bahrain. Also new employer should try to apply at lmra counter directly.

If my employer applied via lmra counter, are they need medical report again?

Yes I believe it is needed.

Dipak143 wrote:

If my employer applied via lmra counter, are they need medical report again?

Read what I wrote above

My new visa has been aproved by LMRA. Shall I update my CPR detail also? Or automatically it will be changed? CPR detail means new employer company, new address, new profession like that. When I put my cpr no in lmra website I got updated information with new employer but I really don't know about cpr. If I should change details, how can I do?

No, you have to update CPR chip - the online system will have the latest detail but the chip has to be physically flashed with the new detail.

Was just reading through the thread !! Thank you XTang.... Super clear instructions ! Much appreciated :)

Sir I completed my 3mnths in my company and now i want to go back to my country but they charging me huge amount so in that case what can I do...enevthough I send my resignation letter through post office..
Sir I completed my 3mnths in my company and now i want to go back to my country but they charging me huge amount so in that case what can I do...enevthough I send my resignation letter through post office..
- @bhandarianuj375

Please note that resignation will only work in case you have another sponsor to hire you. If your visa is going to expire soon File an Intention to transfer in LMRA your employer cannot renew the visa and you can exit once the visa is automatically cancelled.

If your visa is going to expire after 6-9 months there is no other option rather than your employer should cancel the visa.

Should I change my job after 8 months in bahrain giving notice period to current empolyer

Read this

My son's visa was canceled on March by my husband's company before son's visa finished and they renewed my husband's visa only.  now I tried to apply from my company and as my son's passport is not valid for six months, we will apply after 3 months. if any case our company not apply for his visa we will go to our home country after 2-3 months. will he get a fine and do you have idea? And for my daughter also still not visa applied and she is 13 months and if any case my company did not apply visa for her, we will go to home country? Will she get a fine and how much it will be?

Visit LMRA website and check the visa status, if it shows grace period then you have 30days(from the date of cancellation) to exit the country (this can be extended to upto 90days by visiting LMRA). If it shows other status like expired visa or records don't show up you will need to visit NPRA pay the fine and exit the country at the earliest.