NHRA License. Change Job Offer Letter

Hi guys. I am a Licensed Nurse with experiences from Philippines and Saudi. I came here on Visit under a Bahraini National sponsor. I applied for the NHRA License last July because I was given a Job offer from a Aesthetic Clinic.. I worked as a Trainee for a month and after  that I have recieved another call from another Hospital, they gave me a new Job offer and I have accpeted it. The problem now is that they are asking me to give Resignation Letter from the Clinic and also NOC. They said, that its for NHRA, so that they will not get confused with my License application, but the Clinic doesnt want to provide an NOC -- they said, it can be automatically be transferred since I never worked as a Nurse (since working in Bahrain as a Nurse  without License and work permit is prohibited) since I also didn't sign a Formal contract with them yet, but the new hospital is still insisting for these papers. I dont know what to do... And although I was given a Job offer at the clinic, my Visa was not transferred.. it is still on Visit Visa and valid, and my sponsor already gave me her NOC. Is there another way to clear my NHRA application?

Hi MissPisces! I had been into that situation as well while applying my NHRA license. I had already submitted a job offer to NHRA and after a month, I received a job offer from a hospital which offers a better salary, so I grab the latter.  Good thing is that I haven't started yet to my first job offer but had signed a contract already. I formally informed the first hosp that I will be rejecting their offer and had accepted another offer instead. I told them the whole truth. It was soooo hard, they even told me that I cant do it since I already signed, but they haven't transferred yet my visa so I know it's ok. So, I went to NHRA to inform them re: my new job offer. And yes, NHRA asked me to provide a NOC from the first hosp. But the first hosp as well didnt want to provide since I haven't started working with them. So, to cut the story short, after a month of begging the first hosp to provide me any proof just to show to NHRA, one of the HR staff informed me that once I submitted or the hosp submitted/informed NHRA re: their intention to hire u, it will be automatically be transferred to the latest one..grrr! so, that's it! the processing was then transferred.

The one thing I don't get about the region is the difficulty in changing jobs, bans, problems, fines and it would seem that not all nationalities are hit by the same criteria. Although this could be just down the employer.

I got job as a nurse in hospital recently. I have not received my offer letter till now. They r telling me tht I m under probation. So when I can apply for nhra licence in Bahrain. Here no moh or exams lik tht and no nurses union ...etc but even soudi Qatar all gcc countries have their own criterias like prometric haad dha etc. What a horrible situation for nurses

Awww..really? Before you start any work/trainings in a hospital, they should advice you first to process all the req't for your nursing license. They are very strict here esp for medical professionals. NHRA is the licensing office for all medical professionals and you need license as well for your working visa. Check with your hospital regarding this matter.

Ya. Many nurses work here without having a licence

That's nice! I hope I could find a hospital like that even my license is not yet ready..coz Im having difficulty looking for a job now since my license is still not ready..

Hi guys is there any rule change in Bahrain for nhra licence. The hospital where I worked told me that my probation is over and told me to submit cpr passport etc and apply for nhra and I can rejoin after one month..after doing the licence thing. Is that OK? I m worried.

I just arrive to bahrain. How can i get the nhra lisence for doctor

Safaboule wrote:

I just arrive to bahrain. How can i get the nhra lisence for doctor

read through the below mentioned link


SO is it impossible if i have 3 years of experience?
I am a spacialist but i do not have any job offer and did not find on the web

Dear one,here above 3years experience no need to write moh exam but you should pay 50bd to nhra after received invoice from nhra in ur hospital mail if its approved from nhra.

Hello, i have also the same situation. One of the aesthetic that hired me first let me signed a contract and applied for NHRA for me. But later on i had a better offer in the hospital, now i formaly informed them that i will be rejecting their offer but then they insisted that i cannot do that since they already submitted the application to NHRA. Please help me out how did you reaolved this?

Is NHRA strict with experience ??..im a nurse working in riyad with job offer in bahrain im now in the process of getting license . Is it ok only the recent work experience here in riyadh i will write there. I have 6 years experience as a nurse here in saudi.thank u.

HI I am a staff nurse,I did already quatar prometric and now I am in bahrain how can I change the licence prometric to NHRA is it any possible pls anyone clear my doubts and help me.
HI I am a staff nurse,I did already quatar prometric and now I am in bahrain how can I change the licence prometric to NHRA is it any possible pls anyone clear my doubts and help me.
- @syedsulaiman1981

Get an offer letter from an employer approach NHRA and they will tell you the steps. Most of the time - The employer does it for you.

@Janet0726 So you dont need to beg the 1st employer because it will be automatically transferred if other clinic/hospital will hire you?

@Digzreyes0129 Hi sis... Can you tell me if you proceed to transfer work after they invited you for your exam?

I already advised you, responding to the private message that you sent me. NOC for license transfer is required (not for visa) because you can only apply for a new license through your employer..........so it makes sense that the transfer would require their NOC (whether or not you actually worked for them).   

In fact, to make it even more simple, here is a link to the process on the NHRA website where it clearly tells you that NOC is required. However, you can also give a proof of cancellation of work permit or mobility application from LMRA. In your case, since you are not on their visa, you can provide your current visa.

https://www.nhra.bh/Departments/HCP/App … 0Mehan.pdf

You might want to save your time and check directly with NHRA if you have any doubt vs. posting on forums and asking people who haven't been online in 5 and 7 years, respectively. 

@XTang thank you for answering. I posted this before I messaged you. My bad for commenting on old posts. Thank you again for the information 🌹