Without cpr can go vacation or exit

i am coming Bahrain 10 days before ..... 25 December i finished my medical..... if i want to go back my home country is possible. until i not received my CPR card .... i have my passport with me

There shouldn't be any issue in travelling if there is a valid visa. CPR card is not required

You just need the residence visa to be stamped on passport.  CPR not needed.

i have on passport Bahrain residency visa stamp duration 1 year... can i go vacation. without sponsor any documents

If it is a residence Visa, yes.

yes sir residence permit duration 1 year

on visa down side have sponsor company name

Every visa has company name. No issue

so i buy ticket and go back my home country. no need CPR CARD and any company paper document

Already told you

I have workin visa so work visa and residence visa is diffrent or both same.

I have bahrain workin visa so work visa and residence visa is diffrent or both same. Coz i am planning to go to india for 2-3 days, i came here 15 days back and i didnt recvd CPR . Please reply ASAP. Thanks

Work visa and residence visa are the same. Usually immigration officials dont ask for the CPR, but you never know. Please make sure you get it clarified with the concerned before travelling. Your office PRO/HR should be able to help


Till now I did nt rcv my CPR and have my passport is with me so can i go to india for 2-3 days with informing to my company HR. So company HR will get to know any messsge from LMRA or Airport that i am leaving bahrain?

They won't get any direct messages. But your exit date would get updated in LMRA website.

sir  who stamp the residence visa in passport? her bharain

It used to be done by LMRA now it's all digital you can download the copy from the link below https://services.bahrain.bh/wps/portal/rpinq_en

sir who stamp the residence in  the passport imiigration?

No one.  It's issued digitally - already answered above.