Deleted with payment

My husband is planning on joining a company which at this moment isn't active,  the status says Deleted with payment.  Can this company be activated again as he spoke to someone else and the person said it can never be activated again, I don't really know much about company's in bahrain but have seen ppl getting help here I kindly appreciate any advice Thank you 🙂

Depends on the reason for deletion.  If it was due to a court order, then no.  If it was due to not paying renewal fees for CR and the like, yes it can. In either case, your husband can't join it as the CR won't be active at LMRA and any issuance of new visas (even mobility) would not be possible.  That happens automatically in lmra system, the moment the CR gets deleted or liquidated at MOIC end.   And after 2 months, all existing visas on the CR also get cancelled.

Thanks for quick response  :)

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