Job offer at University of Bahrain

Hello everyone,

I was recently interviewed for a Professor position at University of Bahrain

I know that salaries and benefits are regulated by CSB

But I was wondering if for a european expat, job offers including benefits are different?

Is the summer semester a part of the load or is it paid separately as overload?

Thank you in advance


When were you interviewed?

I was recently interviewed too and filled CSB form. However, I am still waiting for the offer.

Hello everyone,

Welcome on board Monchitu !

Please note that the OP has questions of his own and is expecting some infos.

Can someone provide some up to date info, please ?

It will be very much appreciated


@faiz03 Hello Faiz

I was interviewed by a department committee on Sep 19th


Any news about the offer I am still waiting as well.

Any news about the offer I am still waiting as well.

@engredarabee No news from my side yet. Any info regarding the potential offer?

Hi, I was interviewed last year this month and the department told me that I will get the offer. I provided all documents in April but still there is no news. What I learned that all applications are waiting for final authorization and they are about to send the offer letters. In fact, for my subject, they have been looking for someone for three years and they have been advertising since 2019. Now they are not looking for anyone any more. There should be a reason for the delay. The department requested my being patient. They are very kind actually. So I am waiting for my associate prof offer letter and I have been waiting for that since last April. I started to feel that it might be possible for 2023 Fall semester. By the way, I would like to answer topic starter's question: summer classes are extra.


I was interviewed in June. Asked to provide extra documents in September. Every couple of months I send them an email for updates but all I receive back is "the process takes time" and "please wait".

@Veyselnezir when was you informed "they are about to send the offer letters"?

exactly a month ago

They actually said that letters are ready and waiting for final approval

Future Updates from any of us will be  very useful to the group. Hope you all hear good news soon

Yes, it would be better to see how many of us are waiting as well. So if people can comment here, then we can understand whether or not they have started the process. I appreciate comments and news as well.

I was interviewed mid of June 2022, they asked me to provide working experience letters last month (November 2022) which I did but no news from them since then. Please for those that filled CSB form at what stage do they ask applicant to do so?

thank you in anticipating

Hi all.

Please is there any development regarding the job offers?

thank you

I am still waiting. No offer letter yet.

Same here; still waiting.  It took three months from interview for them to ask about csb. Been waiting 7 months in total.

Compliment of the season all, we are in January already, anyone has update? Please share with us.

thank you in advance

Hello, any news regarding the job offer letter

Nothing from me. Still waiting, thank you

@ others, any info. Please ?

No News yet, gotta be patient. Hopefully we all will get it soon.

Nothing here either!

Hello everyone

I hope that you all have a great year 2023

No news from the UoB yet

I contacted the department and , as you know, the recommended to wait

I wish you all the luck



I have been interviewed on 1st June 22, I filled out the CSB form in the first week of July and sent it with all the documents (Experience letter, degree, Marriage certificate, and passport). again in mid-august, they asked for a current experience certificate that was also sent. still, I did not receive any communication, kindly anyone can share your view/experience?


hi me too waiting.. interviewed on June.. no reply yet. dept chairman told me to wait.

Hello , any news!!!

Hi all,

any 1 with update please ?

Did not get a reply on my latest email to the department.  First time this happens. Not looking promising!

for mine neither, first time this happened. Maybe they got bored of recommending to be patient. Honestly I do feel that this is beyond their hands and they are well-intentioned but as time passes, I feel it is not promising although my wife encourages me to be hopeful for Bahrain always. Let's see and let's wish that to happen at the end. Good luck and best wishes to all.

still no update from my side. if any one plz share it

I got some news from my department that I applied for the job. They checked if everything is okay for my application and they say that everything is in process  and hopefully it will be authorized soon.

We just need to wait.

Best wishes

hope, we will get it soon. its a very long waiting

Thanks for all your your comments.

I was interviewed for an academic position in Engineering in mid June 2022. In August 2022, I have provided the requested documents (exp certificates, Marriage certificates, CSB Form, etc).

In December 2022, I got a response from the Department that since the Department didn't hear anything from HR, most likely CSB will discuss in June 2023. So, I am also waiting for the outcome. I wish all of your application get through and see you in September in UoB.

Unfortunately I got an email from the recruitment department of the university and they say that they suspended recruitment temporarily and they will let us know when it is resumed. I feel very upset.

Yesterday I have also received the same email.

i too received the same mail

@drsadiasyed515 i hope it is for the new ones. In fact I did not apply for the new recruitment as they recommended not to do since I had an ongoing one in their system. Let's hope the best.

I have said this repeatedly on the threads and on the countless private messages sent to me by people.

UOB is VERY VERY VERY slow in the recruitment process. This is not new and has been happening for years.   They are unbelievably inefficient.

Do NOT depend on UOB for your livelihood i.e. do NOT resign from your existing job. Only ever do that once you have the VISA in hand (and not the offer).

Move on with your life and don't waste more time.

I am an Electrical Technician. Someone please guide me through on how to secure a job in Bahrain.

Not the right thread for this.  Search the job related posts on the forum.