Saudi Work Visit Visa, Bahrain Visa, King Fahd Causeway question

Hello Guys I am an Indian National working as a Petroleum Engineer in Dhahran, on a Work visit visa (Not Iqama)

When I went to the e visa website for Bahrain, all say a return air ticket is needed. Does that mean I can't use the King Fahd causeway to travel from Dhahran to Bahrain?

Can anyone please shed some light on this ? I am planning to go soon.


As far as I know, evisa is for use by air.  Causeway is for on arrival visa i.e. if you are a GCC resident or any nationality which is eligible for visa on arrival, you will get entry on the causeway.  Alternative to evisa is sponsored visas (electronic or paper) which can allow you to travel via the causeway but these can only be applied on your behalf by companies, hotels etc.

I have been able to travel before on the causeway, but that was a single entry 7 day visa specifically got by my company to exit and reenter back into Saudi.

This time I am thinking of applying personally for tourism purpose, but it doesn't make sense for me to travel by air, when I am so near :D

And I don't think I will get on arrival Visa (There is nowhere I can find the Bahrain Visa requirements for People having a  Work Visit Saudi Visa)

There is an evisa for GCC visitors which again doesn't allow travel via the causeway.

Yes as an Indian without gcc residency you won't get visa on arrival.

As I said and as you already have done, you need specific visa for causeway through means I have highlighted.

I want to do exit and rentry to bahrain i am on saudi family visit visa please help me or any other way of exit and rentry (dubai.kuwait or oman.) Anyone i want exit and rentry for saudi arabia family visit visa extension after 180 days please help me

Apply and get a visa for Bahrain or Oman.  Fly there and come back or drive to Bahrain if your Saudi visa in mode of travel says OPEN.  I don't see what the issue is?

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