How can I get to Ireland and land a job?

Hey guys! I need your advice.

We just pass the IELTS exam and we are wondering how can we get to Ireland and get a job offer or work permit. My wife's sister and brother-in-law is living there. If we visit the country can as tourist, can we try and apply for job? Is that possible?

Simple answer, no.

For someone to employ you in EU, they have to certify that they cannot find a person of similar skillset within the whole of schengen. So it's next to impossible.  Unless you are in a highly specialised field like a rocket scientist :)

The best way really is to work for a multinational company in dubai which has offices in Ireland and ask them to transfer you.

For people who have money, there are more options like investments or setting up businesses. Don't even think about that unless you can spare half a million to million euros.

I gotcha brother. Thanks for that! Well, the bets way possible could be through my wife who can easily get a job as a Nurse.

The thing is that she still would need to come through a proper skilled program..... They won't hire her while she is on a tourist visa.

Read this: … t_permits/

Click also on the highly skilled occupation list.  Your wife would need a job offer and need to complete other documentation.   The employer completes documentation on her behalf and the permit would be stamped in an Embassy outside Ireland.

Thanks man! This is very helpful.

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