Finding rented accommodation between Skolkovo and Moscow

we are looking for a nice place to rent between Moscow centre and Skolkovo (where my husband will be working). We would like to find somewhere thats
- a nice district and
- as close to Skolkovo as possible for his work,
but being also accessible by the Metro (I know the Metro doesn't reach Skolkovo yet and I would like to have easy access to Moscow centre).
Would be very grateful for suggestions about good areas to start looking,
thank you so much!

Hi Sara,

Could you please post your advert in the required section of the website :
- Housing in Russia

Thank you


Hi Chris,
thank you for your message. I am hoping to just get advice about accommodation in my post, not to post an ad for the free ad section to find housing. I will be using an estate agent. I really just wanted an opinion on what areas are good for my purposes (a nice area inbetween Skolkovo and the centre; on the metro line).
Does that make sense?
thanks, Sara


I'm thinking to soon put in an application at Skolkovo. Do you think it'd be possible for me to message with your husband for tips?

Have you stayed in Russia before? Do you plan to buy a car? (There's no reason you need to.) Besides the metro, there're also the electric trains & buses (although I might try to stay off the bus where possible). Also, taxis are relatively inexpensive. And ride share, but it's typically not cheaper than short taxi rides. Skolkovo probably has shuttles to the train station as well as the metro. There are also probably carpool options, depending on whether he feels comfortable depending on coworkers for rides.

If you provide a sort of price range for rent, it can help determine whether you choose to live within Moscow limits or just outside (which is often quite population-dense as well). Sorry I don't have more time at the moment to reply.

Good luck on your adventure - I think you can really enjoy it!

@Vladimir could you please post your ad in the housing section ? we'll promote your ad in our next newsletter



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