Looking to buy or rent rural off-grid land in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk

Hello, I am from the US and would like to build a rammed earth home with solar or wind power. Preferably this would be away from the city to the southern part of the island, beneath Aniva. I have studied  great deal of permaculture, eco friendly building techniques, and mostly am looking forward to the challenges and cold weather of the island.
This kind of information I will likely have to go there and talk to people in person but if you happen to know of anyone, or would be willing to visit the small towns and ask around - I would be willing to offer payment for that service.
If I can figure out the costs and location ahead of time, it will make planning much easier.

Or any local online classifieds such as the Russian version of Craigslist?
I've found a few of them, but they were generic and hardly used.