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Hi I would like to ask if there's any company which they can direct hire any applicant from Philippines . Thanks Kindly PM me.

I don't think any company can hire directly from other country. you can visit uae then maybe possible for you to get job

I think your question is too vague and generic.

It is not about a "company which hires from abroad".  Every company will go for recruitment from other countries if they can't find the right talent in their home country.  However, it is expensive and takes longer so obviously companies prefer people who are already here. 

This sort of recruitment usually only ever takes place for senior roles and for hard to find skill sets.  As an example, the first time I came to work in the UAE, I was hired from outside.  I was called, did a phone interview and they flew me down for a face to face interview before making an offer.

Helo,there are many sites like dubizil,bayt where i found many jobs for philipines

no direct link, come on visit and look for openings, on line submit ur cv and try ur best

Some companies do offer this type of service but they have a complete and detailed interview on call and if they feel you are perfect candidate then they may call you

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