Guardian Visa procedure for my wife and daughter

Good Day Ladies and Gents,

We are living at Qatar Doha since two year , my oldest daughter is finishing her high school and planning to study medicine at Malaysia .
We are planning to move my wife and my son and suggest daughter to Malaysia during the study of my  Oldest daughter.
We heard  about Guardian visa , We would appreciate if you could share more details about Guardian visa procedure.
Can we  rent a apartment with this type of visa?
Can we open a bank account with guardian?

Thanks in advance of your help.

I don't think a Guardian visa is relevant for tertiary level students' family members.

Anyone can rent in Malaysia.

Think the correct visa is the Dependent Pass for family members (explained here): … pass.html/

For your son, he would probably need a student pass of his own, as I don't think he could be automatically included based on the student's family members, being the student's brother.

The university where your daughter enrols can advise if there are any immigration processes available.

Thanks for your reply and sharing information.
we have contacted the university and we are still waiting for their response.
We hope they will be able to help.


I have a better and easy choice for you.

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