Got Banned for 3 year due to Exit Re-entry, can i get Business visa?

He will not be allowed to enter until 3year automatic ban period in Saudi Arabia on work visa. However he can work in other GCC countries.
Why he needs to and fro travel to Saudi if he is working in Dubai. If it is for business purpose, he can apply and get commercial visit for Saudi and travel.

The only restriction for this period would be on work visa.

Thank you for your reply. The new company, for which he has been offered, has its clients in Saudi Arabia. So, they asked him to check if he can go for business visit to Saudi during his employment.

But actually when he contacted Indian Embassy in Saudi, they say he wont be allowed on visit visa too.

Are you sure he can get visit visa during this ban period?

There are no such rules or restrictions on commercial visit as the purpose of such visit is not for work. However he can give a try and apply from Saudi Embassy in the country he is working, in this case it will be UAE if he wish to take job there.

You got to understand that technically the automatic ban is on work visa (Resident permit) not on commercial visit.
This may depend case of case. Better to give a try. Good luck.

Thanks for you help. We will try to contact Embassy

Dear Sir,
My brother was working in Saudi .His company was not good .So he left the job and came to India.Now he have 3 year ban .his wife got a job in Saudi ,can he go in dependent visa to Saudi Arabia.kindly advice

Check local agent for visa stamping in your country and they might be able to check with Embassy and answer on this.
I assume this shouldn't be a problem as dependent visa is different than work visa. The category of dependent Resident permit are generally not allowed to work.

The 3 year ban period is for work visa.

However please check with Saudi Embassy in your country.

Thank you

Dear brother..
How can i check my status from jawazat. Please provide me the link.
Im out from ksa with reentry but did not return 2 years back. Can i check online that i can travel to ksa again without any fear on work visa

Please help


You can't return on a work visa until 3 years as it's automatic immigration ban on those not returning on exit re-entry visa. The 3year period starts after expiry of exit re-entry visa.

There is no website to check 3year ban however you can check your exit re-entry expiry through below portal and calculate 3years from there.

I got my visa on passport  i come on 2016 dec   still not 3 years now
What i do in this time brother

Just follow the procedure as mentioned above to check date of your exit re entry visa expiry. If 3 years completed from that date, there shouldn't be any restrictions.

Muddaser sir! My husband deported due to expired iqama his company closed and kafeel didn't given exit. I'm nurse working under ministry of health.i want to be sure he can come on visit visa in saudi arabia.plz help me is it possible?? Thanks

Hi sir muddaser! I'm nurse working in ministry of health. My husband deported due to expired iqama his company closed and kafeel didn't given exit. That's y I want to know can he come on visit visa.if I apply through istiqdam.could he come by on visit visa. Do favour for me and plz reply.

Not sure what were the consequences when he was deported.
However you can apply for family visit visa through absher online and if this gets accepted and visa is stamped in passport, it should be ok for him to travel.
If the above works for first instance, you can then try through istiqdam but it will be dependent visa and he will not be allowed to work.

Thanks a lot for great help.

Thanks for the reply.

Could you please share some screenshot for the email you received from Al jawat for banned in KSA

Are you sure for umrah and hajj no promblem? Use same pasport?

Got ban for 3year i want go to umrah same pasport..any problem please i want to know

Dear all,

I've been reading your comments but I find a conflict between [at]MudassarQS and [at]Kamran_here opinions.

"MudassarQS" is stating that it is impossible to enter the Kingdom before the expiry of the 3 years ban at any way while "Kamran_here" states that someone can return e.g. under a business visa.

Your comments and feedback in order to clarify this situation will be highly appreciated!

No Problem. You can go on umrah.

If you banned you cant enter the kindom even if is business unfortunately.  You need to finish your bann.
Otherwise you can go for your business trip and so masr be jailled yo learn hard.

So Lydia, you believe that Kamran is wrong while saying that you can enter on business visa and Mudassar is right when he claims that it is impossible to enter before the ban expires?

Hi guys .
I have a situation. I left Saudi on exit-re entry with unpaid credit card bills and loans back in 2015. Later on I managed to get a good job in my home country which was highly paid. By 2017 , I managed to pay off all the pending credit card bills and loans in Saudi after a lot of hiccups . Right now , I am in the middle of the hiring for another job which involves intense background checks .
I am a bit worried if any red flags would appear if they do my background check for Saudi though I have paid the loans and bills .
I would be grateful if someone could answer me on this .
Thank you

No... he cannot until the 3 year ban lifts. I tried to bring my father for visit visa as he already have 3 year ban, he was stop at immigration and after lot of struggle and contacting his old sponsor to give NOC and his guarantee to take responsibility of all his actions(not many sponsor will give that) then he got permitted to enter into saudi arabia. So, if you have good relationship with your sponsor and if he is willing to help you then you can try otherwise better wait until the ban lifts.

According your your experience from your father's incident, you believe that NOC is enough?


Thanks for your contribution Lydia!

So, we come to the conclusion that someone will be allowed to enter the Kingdom, even during the 3yrs ban, if:
1. He/She enters with another type of visa than work visa (e.g. visit, business etc) and
2. He/she possesses NOC from his/her former employer

Correct and verified up to here?

3 year Bann is automated. You cannot enter the kingdom without it been waved. Is either you wait until waived. Or else you will find yourself in jail.

Kind regards

Aoa..Good day...
I want to ask regarding ban in ksa in case of exit reentry regulations not met.
I came back from saudia in sep 2016..and my exit reentry expires in nov 2016...and my iqama expires in april 2017..
Can you please guide me uptill when my ban is in place ?
I think november of 2019...can you please confirm...and also please confirm whether someone from your circle has gone through this...
Best regards

Hi All,

I was working in Saudi Arabia with IQUAMA . I was also having an MER [Multiple Exit Re-entry VISA]

Due to medical emergency of my family, I returned to india on 01-April-2015. I was not able to flyback to Saudi arabia , and was unable to do Proper FINAL EXIT.

Since in my case I was also holding an IQUAMA and an Multiple Exit Re-entry VISA, kindly let me know for how many years I am banned ?

You can calculate 3years from expiry of exit re-entry.

Sir,I came for  vacation  on July  2016 on re-entry  visa but unfortunately  couldn't return, can I apply for job visa again in same  company I worked. Kindly  advise

If you read above, it is very clear.  If you don't return on re-entry, you face an automatic 3 year ban.

The second thing most people are confused by is the applicability of the ban.   The ban applies on all types of visas with the exception of Hajj / Umrah visas.   The problem is that if you apply for a visit visa, it may be approved (especially if it is a different passport) but when you land in Saudi and finger prints are taken, immigration will detain you.   The only way to get around this and enter Saudi on a visit visa if you have been banned is if your previous employer provides an NOC as well as a guarantee (and that is ONLY after you have entered and been detained.  And this requires your employer to get involved with immigration there and then.  So don't take the risk).  There is ONLY for a visit visa - the work visa ban will remain no matter what as the purpose is to ensure stability in the job market.

You can go back on work visa with same sponsor anytime. There is no ban period in this case.

The ban applies for only those whose exit re entry visa is expired and want to return to work with other sponsor.

That works but is not an automatic option.  The sponsor still has to provide NOC and a guarantee and work with immigration to clear you for entry.

The ban is limited to those whom are coming back to a new sponsor for 3 years after the expiry of the exit re-entry visa. Otherwise,  you may come back to the same sponsor anytime.

Worst case scenario, and in case if you are still banned, you won’t be allowed to pass the immigration and you will be asked to leave back home on same airlines flight.

Yes, but the point that I am making is that you can't enter the Kingdom on an expired exit re-entry even if you are going back to the same employer.  That issue has to be sorted first by the employer.

Dear Mudassar,

How to contact Jawazat? Can you share correspondence with Jawazat?



Go to the Jawazat office in your city if you are in Saudi.  If outside Saudi, ask someone to go on your behalf with your details to the Jawazat office.

If you are deported and banned for 5 years. With new passport can enter in KSA on visit visa

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