Got Banned for 3 year due to Exit Re-entry, can i get Business visa?

Hello mr mudasser!
3 yrs ban, they consider it according to gregorian(english)calender of 3 yrs or Hijari 3 yrs?

Hi,  I heared a rumor that the ban extended seven months, that is 3.7 months is true or just a rumour?

I think is 5 years now

Anyone here knows the exact status

In the Saudi gazette a few days ago, it still said 3 years.

Salam, can you please share KSA jawazat email which they reply you on 3 years ban
i came back in Aug 2013. Now I want to go back to KSA
Thanks a lot

Hey guys, I came from KSA on exit re entry on 3rd August 2016, now I wanna go back to Saudi Arabia. Will I be able to go?
Is there any way I can know if company has marked me huroob after my departure from Saudi Arabia?

Have someone go to Jawazat with your details to check.

I did ask my brother to go and check, there they said it’s clear but also asked to check  with airport immigration which is difficult

It is not difficult.  Every airport has an immigration office which can be accessed without needing to go inside the terminal.

Okay , thanks for your reply mate
But is there a possibility for my company to put a huroob on me after I left for vacation on exit re entry? If yes , then how would we know that they have?

Yes there is a possibility as you never came back.   And check with airport immigration.

So if company puts huroob, how long will that ban be?

While Huroob is active, permanent.  They have announced this many many times.

The Directorate General of Passports (Jawazat) has warned that any expatriate reported huroob (runaway worker or absconder) faces a fine of SR50,000, jailed for six months and deported from the Kingdom with no hope of coming to the country ever again.

And in your case, the company would be justified to put Huroob as:

a) You ran away - you left on exit re-entry and never came back
b) They want their visa to be freed up and don't want problems with MOL

So what can be the solution to this

Get your employer to remove it.  No other solution.

Thanks a lot for clearing my doubts, let check with airport

Hi sir can I can back now in saudi arabai for work because may re entry visa before is 2016 and I can back in saudi for family reason and now is 2019 I finish the 3years band..... Can I get a visa and work in saudi Arabia.... Plsss Rply.....

whats your husband's status..  did he got the saudi visa endorsed and did he go through the immigration normally. As even I am having the same situation within 20 days my 3 years ban shall be lifted. Can I process for new saudi arabian job visa.

Please advice and need your help urgently

Thanks & regards

I don't know about your case. You check with expert one plz

Dear all,
Appreciated your replies but I have came to know  that if any body faced this situation and banned for 3 years. After completion of 3 years, first he will join ex employer on ex employer's visa. Jawazat will not issue the visa of new employer to him for KSA. This is very painful.
Can anyone investigate and tell us right info.


Assalam alikum . Bro i need help quickly plz
My visit is visa is multiple visa for 2 years on 14 jan i will complete 180 days of stay in saudia . can i go to dubai for a night and re enter to kingdom is that is easy ? Is it must to get dubai visa or i can go to airport and re enter in kSA without dubai visa plz make me me sure is this possible or not ? Or must to go to pakistan again nd then re enter !

To explain my situation as below:
I was working in Saudi Arabia with IQUAMA \ . I was also having an MER [Multiple Exit Re-entry VISA] . VISA Validity was till 13-Aug-2015.  Due to medical emergency of my family, I returned to India on 01-April-2015. I was not able to flyback to Saudi Arabia , and was unable to do Proper FINAL EXIT . So I sent my IQUAMA to Saudi Arabia on Septemeber 2015  for cancellation.

Now if I enter Saudi Arabia, if by any chance will the immigration authorities will hold back me ?
How can I check , I am not black-listed and get confirmation, so that there will not be any issue at the immigration?
Kindly help

If three years have passed, then the automatic ban is over.   If you want to check, I have already mentioned before that someone needs to go to Jawazat with your details and do the check in person.

Hi Brother,

If anyone goes to Jawazat and checks, will they give any proof, that I am not banned to enter KSA ?

So that if any issue occurs at immigration, we can show the proof to them

Venkatesh Subramaniam

This is Saudi.  No one will give you proof of anything of this sort :).


Thanks for your reply,
Is there any chance, that they might have not removed me from the black-list even after 3 years of ban ?

Because I do not have anyone to go and check for me in Jawazat

Venkatesh Subramaniam

No one can answer that here unfortunately.   It can happen of course.

Bro what about family visit visa can i bring him back

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