Got Banned for 3 year due to Exit Re-entry, can i get Business visa?

Dear Team,

I left KSA on emergency leave in Jul-2016 on 45 days exit re-entry & didn't returned back due to some issue's & later-on joined new job in Abu Dhabi.
Now i got a attractive job offer from Saudi Arabia but i hear that they banned all expats who left without final exit..... Now am looking for solution to returned back... Is there any way to return back Or  is this possible if i can come on business visa & then join new job???

Thanks & regards,

Hi Mudassar,
As far as I know(unverified source), based on some news report, A three-year ban applies on those who fail to return before their exit reentry expiry date. After that, you are free to come. Kindly go thru below listed website discussions it's worth reading.
Good luck...

Got this procedure if you want to come during 3year ban time:

News Agency:
Forum discussion: … er-expiry/

Most probably in such situations one is blacklisted. But you can proceed ahead and let the visa gets stamped on ur PP, if it does you are good enough to work at KSA . But there’s still a catch at the immigration. You never know :(

Salaam Mudassar,

Did you travel to Saudi then via a business visit or new work visa? If yes, could you please briefly write the procedure?

Hi Muddassir,

Suffering in the same situation did you got any solution.
Please let me know as well. ***

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Dear Friends,

I tried my best to get information even from Saudi embassy, Jawazat & my previous company HR also. In the end i got this conclusion that we should wait for 3 year (after exit/re-entry expiry). You can only go on Ummra or Hajj visa but other all visa's are ban for you. They will issue visa but during entry in Kingdom you will be barred and sent back.

So please do not start any Saudi job or work visa process till completion of 3 year BAN.
This is why i again joined job in UAE & not accepting any offer of Saudi companies.


Dear Brother,

I tried but my new company (which was going to hire me) told me that i can't enter in KSA till completion of 3 year Ban.

we can only go on Ummra Visa or Hajj Visa....... for other all visa's they will approve visa and also you will get it stamped on your passport BUT YOU WON'T BE ABLE TO ENTER IN SAUDI ARABIA.

My Suggestion is that, please wait for 3 year (starting from expiry of exit/re-entry date) & the apply.

Do not waste money with Agents & agencies as Saudi authority is having our all data/records with finger prints at every airport of KSA.


Dear Saimans,

This is only 3 year ban..... it's not blacklist and nor the life time ban.

I have emails from Saudi Jawazat department for same questions which i asked them in 2017.


thank you so much for the information of 3year ban . i also same situation i will wait for 3yrears .

My problem now is am i able to work in UAE with that status and if answer is yes how possible and what makes it to be possible since this two countries are GCC?

MudassarQS  May you kindly explain that part for me since you managed to get yourself job that side in UAE

Dear Laydia,

Yes it is possible to work in other GCC countries. I got banned from KSA in 2016 &  Joined new job in UAE even after just 15 days of Exit/Re-entry of KSA.

Allhamdulillah I changed 2 jobs in UAE since 2016/KSA Ban. Because this Ban purpose is only to make Job Market stable in KSA.

You don't need to worry about other GCC countries & you can apply for UAE or any other GCC country anytime.



hi i just want to ask my husbands 3 year ban was lifted  since june of this year  do you think they can give him a new work visa ? and he will not be  questioned in the immigration in riyadh? im really worried right now, we came from tabuk saudi arabia he was banned before beacuse he did not come back after his exit re entry expires. because he had an offer here in uae  before. now he was trying to comeback in saudi arabia. he passed his medical and everything for saudi arabia job. now were waiting for his visa

I assume, he had no pending credit card bills while leaving plus no loan to repay at that time? If he is clean and clear from any type of financial / criminal offense  then there will be no problem for him to come to KSA. .....Good luck

Totally agreed with Syedstar response. If your husband don't have any other issue except exit/re-entry then he can come without any hesitation.
Good Luck

thank you for the answers😃 its actually a new working visa not a business visa. he worked on that company before and left ksa coz he had an offer here in uae and now hes  been trying to go back to that company with a different company name but same place. so im glad to have read some of your previous forums about the three year ban.his three years ban is liften hoping that there will be no problem issuing him a visa

Hello Friends,

The subject is being diluted since different members had different circumstances.

The way I understand this rule is as following:

1) The three year ban can only be in place if your ex-employer has requested the authorities to ban you. This happens if you have left without closing your affairs and giving notice under your contract. Secondly in many marketing jobs , an ex employee can cause financial harm to a company by joining competition with inside information of the previous employer.

2) In addition to the above, if an employee has been careless and unprofessional to wrap up his previous contract amicably, there is every likely hood that he decided not to pay the bank personal loans and credit card bills. In this case your ban will be for life until you pay your dues and get clearance. :)

Hi Muddasir, I was issued 3 months single entry business visa and overstayed,now I’ve been banned for 3 years. Please does the ban apply to hajj and umrah visa or is just for business/visit visas, thank you..

Hi Salimo, these bans are not applicable for Hajj & Umrah visa...!!!!!!!! you can go for Hajj & Umrah but not on work visa/Visit visa/Business visa

By Getting NOC from VISA Sponser will allow to Clear our Ban & Enter Back to Saudi Arabia???
Anyone pls Suggest.

Thanks my friend

Dear Natraj,

No, NOC/certificate is not valid for this case, as this ban is to make job market stable. This BAN is automatic Ban which is getting started after expiry of your re-entry which you took for going on leave. And this BAN will automatically removed from your finger prints when three years are completed.

For example you came back in August 2017 but your exit/re-entry was valid till December 2017 so then in this case your three year ban will start from December 2017 to December 2020.


i have same problem, i was in saudi 2015 for emergency reason i need to go back home with holding exit re-entry visa but saddenly i didnt fix our family problem within 21 days, so i couldnt come back.. how do i know if im allow to come back again in saudi?

Hey dude,

Saw on this that you left without final exit... Did you just go to airport and board flight without issue?

I am in tricky situation now- arrived 3 weeks ago on 90 day business visa, not applied for iqama yet- and already company have started screwing me... Money changed from agreed amount, not paid when promised, work and living conditions not as agreed...

I'm thinking of just cutting my losses and leaving, but don't want an issue at airport. Ive heard it should be fine as not on work visa, but just wondered what happened when you left? Any problems/questions?

Im not bothered if I get banned, not planning on returning anyway!


Dear Mr. Mudassar,
Is this ban for 3 years effective to family visit visa also?

I left 5 years ago on exit-reentry, I recently applied for a business visa and got rejected. there are no clear cut rules really.

Does this rule implement on families too?

I have sent my family on exit rentry.. But they stayed there and there iqamas got Expire. I surrendered Iqama in jawazat. Its beem two years,now i want to bring my family on visit visa.

Kindly reply.


can i know this ban implements on families also, or families are exempted? kindly reply.

Not applicable for families.
Just go to jawazat and cancel their iqamas(30 days after expiry of exit re entry).
Then you can apply for their visa through standard procedure.

May be you can avail only HAJ & Umrah?.. But i am not sure.

Dear mudassar,

Have you not faced any other consequences from your saudi employer for not going back to saudi and joining the job?? like threat emails or calls other than 3 years ban?

Thanks and Regards

Yes. One can get Business visit even if the mentioned condition is applicable.
Such business visa request can be initiated after expiry of your iqama. The company in your home country(where you work) can issue introductory letter with COC to the Saudi embassy and you can get invitation letter from Saudi company for business visit mentioning your profession and reason for visit.

Note: this is applicable for high level professions such as business manager, Director, Owner, BDM etc...

It's business visit(commercial visit) and not permitted to work visa issued for 3,6 or 12 months.

Sunil Kumar from India .
I worked with ruwailan in 2017 they issue me Visa for one month.
They didn't extend my Visa  I stay in Saudi more than 85 days and then company pay some fine and give us a Papa to exit .
I want to Know how much year ban I have

Hi muddaser
I’m currently working in Saudi Arabia i got a new employer in Dubai but I can’t go for exit to my current employer here in saudi Arabia because he need my service
The only solution is to go for vacation and not to come back and go straight to Dubai
My new employer said i will be under government visa! Because i have re entry visa and my iqama is not yet cancel do i facing problem in terms joining job
Please advice
Because I heard that now all GCC is connected each other
Thank you

Can you plz send the email address of JAWAZAAT.

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Hey Hussainzoob,
It's 3year automatic immigration ban. You can come on new visa if this period ends.

Hope this clarifies.

As long as your new visa for UAE is endorsed, all good to proceed with it.

You will not face any problem .

Hi Mudassar,

MY husband was also banned due to re-entry visa issue in 2017 and we were not aware of this. So, when he went back for a new job in Saudi Arabia, he was deported back from the saudi airport itself.

Now, My husband has got a new job offer in Dubai but that may require travelling to and fro from Saudi.

So, Can you please let us know how do we get to know exactly how much ban period is pending for my husband?

Any help is much appreciated!!

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