looking to buy a car from an expat

anyone know an expat looking to sell a vehicle ?  thank you, Tomas

Ask Gary at Spankys Bar in Sosua. He usually knows of something.

Welcome to the forums Tomas.  Your profile says you are in Santo Domingo. Are you only looking there or anywhere in the country?

What kind of vehicle are you looking for?

Thanks tinker I will head up there this weekend

Anywhere in d.r. Would be fine.

A Toyota camry is my top pick. But will drive just about anything. Thank you for your help

Hello,I have a Suzuki SX4 2011 that I will be selling in about a month as I am leaving soon.If interested please contact me for more information pics price etc.It was imported from the states about 8 months ago. ***

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Welcome to the forums. I am having your email removed, anyone interested can message you privately.  we don't allow your email to be posted.

AND Please put an ad in the classifieds,  they are no charge.

Sounds good nick. I would be interested. Thank you. Tomas

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