Okay, I am getting close to being ready to purchase a vehicle. What I would like to know is how it generally works here in the DR. I will only be able to give a deposit and then "finance" the remainder. Just wondering how it works and if going to a larger dealer would be best or get the "deal" from a smaller place .All info appreciated...

You can try to finance some of it but be prepared for very high interest rates.

Yes - I kind of expected that but I am hoping for more detail on the process. Looking for some detail on negotiating and arranging purchase so as to be more prepared when I start talking with dealers.

Hi Sarge. New, used & what type? PM me, long time since we talked. Thanks

OK. You can look on corrotos and Mercado Libre online. The best deals supposedly are in LA Vega and Moca. Like anything imported vehicles cost more here.  Know prices before buying. Always check Carfax for history before buying. Yes - they lie about the vehicles. Yes - they roll back mileage. Have a mechanic check the car.

I don't negotiate vehicles. I am a white female and they will try to take advantage of me. I hate that. I send someone in to negotiate my deal. I've always paid cash but know most dealers charge 36% interest or more so be careful.

Most times price will include all taxes transfer and placa. Insurance you arrange unless you are financing any part then they arrange and you pay for insurance.

Gracias dear lady. I will be checking and yes, I will have family or my friend the lawyer with me to assist when I am ready to buy. I just want to know what is the general modus operandi and then be prepared to be fully involved in whatever purchase I make.... cheers

You are very welcome honey

Better just start out with a cheap 'moto', you can get a new one for about 35k pesos.  Half an hour and drive it away.  Maybe 400 or 500 a year for insurance.   No problem at all.

I would but so far that is one item my family here doesn't want me to have...hahaha

I agree. At least a car provides some protection

Semper Fi. I'm a US veteran and a former Marine. I highly recommend you buy new. Used cars have all been tinkered with and miles have been turned back. Remember you're in the Dominican Republic.  (There are no safety nets) and the interest-rate is outrageous. I recommend you put down as much cash as you can and use your credit cards for the rest. Save you a lot of  money on interest.  Personally bought a Hyundai cantus. Cost around 25,000usd.  50,000 km and five year warranty. I know it sounds like a lot. But you'll pay a lot more interest for used than buying new and using credit cards. If you still decide to buy used. Buy a Toyota Corolla. The dont lose any value and you'll be able to resell easily. 

Hope this helped.


Take the time to check out the used market. Many places have bill boards with stuff to sell. Network with expats etc. Some deals to be had. Toyotas always good. long lasting & parts available. Have a mechanic with references to test it out. It is possible to buy a decent vehicle for around & under $10,000 usd.  I've been able to never pay more than 4K.  Takes time, but it can be done. A lot easier if you can spend 2 or 3 times that. A trusted mechanic is essential.  With patience & a sense of humor, ye shall prevail. .......

We will disagree on this. I don't recommend new unless money is no issue.

Use a mechanic. Use Carfax. Use common sense. Use cash. Car loans by dealer's are ridiculous.  Buy full insurance including Casa De Conductor.

You're asking the impossible.!!!!

Finding a good mechanic in USA is a impossible imagine how hard it is in the Dominican republic.  Be prepared to pay the gringo price

I don't know how long you have lived here or how large your personal network may be. There are good, reliable mechanics around. My condolences for your terrible experiences in the U.S. & here. May your future yield better results.

Vivo aqui 6 anos.

I highly disagree ......Is your local neighborhood mechanic going to tell you if it's a simple sensor issue or you need major repair ? Do they have the proper computers to verify the proper procedures.? Only people with computers. “The proper computers “ are the dealerships. And they charge top dollar on services not covered by warranty.

Go buy new and go to the dealerships if you choose to.

I wont. I have been able to get things fixed when needed. You learn to work the system or not. Up to you!!!

Those diognostic computers are not hat expensive & easy to update. Many garages have them as do mechanics who have smaller shops. I don't know where you went or who you have tried, but obviously without proper contacts or sufficient research. Yes dealers are more likely to have the proper equipment, but it doesn't guaruantee honesty.  I do not condone debasing all mechanics in the DR.  It is the same as locals believing all gringos are millionaires in dollars. Anyone with $25,000 USD is a peso millionaire. Suppositions kill communication.  Got the bucks?  Buy new.

Amigos been living her for a year I have one reliable mechanic I trust cause he is a member of the Local BMW Car Club and I am the President. Be weary about the so called MECANICOS here. As far as buying a used vehicle USE your common sense most Domincanos dont know how to maintain their vehicle, check the engine bay if its dirty BAIL OUT!!! The import TARIFF can be as high s 60% why I know I befriended a car dealer owner and he told me. If you decide to move here use LEY 168 and avoid hassles, as a retiree or relocating Dominicano u use this law but beware make sure you have a broker I have one. My 2011 BMW 335d paid $1500US vice $7k they wanted, your license plate or PLACA will run you another $1500US and insurance can be a NIGHTMARE if you are an EXTRANJERO, I was discriminated by the Large Insurers and finally got me one a broker that insured me and we became buddies.

With the permission of the moderators I would like to see if we can go as a group buy with the insurer of mines and I know they are more than willing cause they plan to cater BMW Car Club de Republica Dominicana. Moderators contact me ***

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Good idea!

Not sure what kind of group you are referring to but i will contact you.

Honey please dont post your personal contact info on here. You can private message!

Gracias Planner for contacting me, wish me luck

I wish you luck honey!

Anyone have the information of a good inspector in DR?

Welcome to the forums. Mike Logan has been recommended a number of times.

Hi I would like to part of your group  moving to DR next  Spring

Welcome to the group Rich!   Lots of great help here!

Thank you so much Planner.

You are very welcome!

Cruffman is busy.... life's going on for some (or many) people

Lots of car buying going on.....
and I see lots of construction

Can't explain either

I just gave him my request to find a pickup / work truck for a new client! He is busy!   

For me work is excellent and has been for some of my businesses! One of my companies is still very very slow!

In the US... the hardware stores.... equipment rentals...

Record years

Garden centers.... same

The DIY people are working hard !!


I wasn't looking for a car....
Cruffman called me to lament a deal he had that was going south....
Buyer wanted 'curb service'.... bring me the car, if I like it - I'll buy it

Problem was that request called for a 5-6 hr R/T.... the buyer thought - 'No'

He then described his 'find'.... he was so enthusiastic, I got interested.

2013 Nissan X-Trail..... 63K km- 39K miles.... garaged, new brakes , recently seviced - Pristine
A wife's car... local SD driving ... she hasn't touched it in 3-4 mos... so the husband was selling

I was hooked

Picked it up today.... just excellent, the seller even is doing my title transfer for me.

Drove back approx 3 hrs - 30+MPG on the highway.... easy to handle, nimble ... got power

Sunroof, LOADED!!

So... here I am.... car overload but happy.

I'll keep it to run it beside my MUX..... for a while

Price was really good..... the stars aligned

If you need a car....... Cruffman is your man

If I told you how busy he is ..... you'd laugh
Why are so many people buying cars ??
You tell me..... he is swamped !!!

thanks for your kind words, Mr Web. your buying that car has made me happy. it is a joy to know it went to a friend, and not some random guy ho was going to take it for granted.  i tried to get this guy to take it, but now i am glad it has gone to a good home...

What a ride!!!

My 2nd vehicle from Cruffman......

All good , as I'm sure many of you know.....

But can you finance a car over there with your passport? Cuz I haven't do my residency yet

It's very difficult and interest rates are very high in this case.

Hello. Please reach out to me if you are still in the car business in Dominican Rep. thanx

Cruffman still is - Yes

hopefully he'll see you..... or message him