Ferry from florida to the DR?

Are there any ferry boats from Florida to the DR that we can take? We are looking for all kinds of ideas. If they do Ferry, it could be a semi painless way for us to permanently move to the DR. We have less than 3 years!! Cannot wait... we will be visiting in a year.. simply exciting! Cannot wait to live in the DR. ALL help is appreciated, Planner, BOB, Tinker..you regulars.  Anyone I missed.. please advise...you guys are amazing, and I truly appreciate what you do here. I have learned so much from you.

I've not heard or seen of any but want to follow this post to see if I missed something.

In all my days in the states and coming here to the DR for vacation and seeing my parents, I have NEVER heard, seen. or would even dare consider taking a ferry that distance to the DR. It's bad enough that Cuba is only 90 miles from the tip of Florida, but accurately it is 103 miles in reality, and that alone would be a horrendous trip to take by ferry. Imagine then having to go the length of Cuba, then,  a good 107 more miles to Haiti? you would still be quite a distance from Dominican Soil. I don't think that would ever come to be, less it was a SHIP. The Liability on a ferry would not make it profitable a venture. Insurance would be astronomical.  This is just my observation and opinion. Stranger things have happened on this earth.

Before the new administration there where plans for  a ferry to cuba . I think DR is to far away.

There is NO ferry to Miami or Florida. There is a ferry from Santo Domingo to Puerto Rico.

hmmmmmmm! Good to know. Wonder how long a trip that is?

D R To Puerto Rico,ok,and Puerto  Rico  To Miami????

I read the ferry from Santa Domingo to San Juan is 12 hours.  It's an overnight ferry.  Leaves in the evening and arrives there in morning.  I believe you can gamble and drink on board all night.

Puerto Rico is East of the Dominican Republic which would make it a longer ferry ride to Miami. Still doesn't make sense.

If you go to vaca.do you can see that the so called ferry that goes from Santo Domingo to San Juon Puerto Rico is not a small FERRY. We call a ferry something small that takes you from New Jersey to New York to avoid tunnel traffic.   This is a ship. huge in size and capable of withstanding bad ocean conditions if confronted by it. It looks like a carnival cruise ship of sorts. I think it doesn't make that trip to the mainland because of time. it is cost effective to go to San Juon at that price. I can only imagine it would be cheaper to fly and be there in a couple of hours than to take forever to get there by ship.

Exactly right. Its bigger than what most think of as a ferry. Its huge. And yes can withstand the long voyage,  its overnight!

It is an option for some who like the idea of the trip!

So why do they call it a ferry?....................lol
why not a ship?........lol

it's like Americans call an small bridge a viaduct. I say vhy a duck? vhy not a chicken...lol

P.R. is 1,000 + miles  from Miami.  Maybe a ferry because you drive cars, trucks, motorcycles on board & then drive them off on the other side.  Bite the bullet & fly into STI.

If I'm going on a boat for 10 hours it better come w/a fishing pole and bait otherwise I'll spend the 10 hours in PR at a pool…. ✈️ fly

@the tinker40

How much does it cost to ferry a car from Miami to DR; and what does it take to get it registered in DR?

You guys realize this post is from 2018 right.....

No there is no ferry


search 'RoRo' ( roll on-rolloff)

lots of them in MIA that come here to RD


    If  the traveling 🧭 time by ferry has stayed the same

then it's never too late to buy the fishing pole


@MGarrison not that have heard of, there is one that goes from Puerto Rico to DR.

The only ferry coming from Miami is called a cruise ship

Im sorry but this thread is hilarious 😂😂😂😂😂


this made my night  lol  don't know why but I could feel the sarcasm… if only I could put my car on the ferry and get it here lol


the ferry to puerto rico is

like 14  hours