buying a used motorcycle

Is the process the same for buying a used motorcycle as a usehd car?  Can we take possession and do the paperwork later?  Or do we need to have a lawyer write up the sales contract and pay taxes, etc?

If you plan on registering it ( and I suggest you do) have a contract drawn up and get it insured from date of purchase.

Bob K

I agree with Bob,  AMET is cracking down on motos!

Especially gringo motos.

Bob K

I've bought 3 bikes in my pre almost blind days. A 530 Virago yamaha, a 450 Honda & a Yamaha V-Star.  The first wo from Gary of Spanks & the Compo Bar fame.  Good price & good shape. The V-Star from a friend.    Take your time & do it all legally. Costs a little more in time & money, but worth it.  I have been a biker since 1956 & it grieves me to no longer be able to ride.  I don't count being on the back of a moto concho as riding!  Rubber down Bro, rubber down.

Does all this (registration, insurance) apply to scooters as well? What should I expect to pay for a reliable used scooter?

Yes, all apply to scooters as well. The can be had from about $400 to $1,000 or so. Bikes can be found from around $750 on up. Depends on make, type, cc etc. Scooters are usually cheaper.  You really need to be here. Where in the DR are you? Budget etc?    Check out this sites classified, also Anything Sosua & Anything   Caberete.  Pay no mind to my spelling!   Good luck, you'll find what your looking for.

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