Car tickets

Can someone explain how it's "suppose to work"...I know what I have seen so curious.

If you do not pay as well and with rental cars.

Normally one would get stopped and given a ticket but DIGESETT are also taking plate numbers and issuing fines for infractions and if you have any you have to pay at Banreserva.

They will stay on your record until settled and in future one will not be able to renew one's car license with fines unpaid.

You can check online of you have any traffic fines using your cedula or passport number:

Car hire companies will bill the credit card for any fines picked up during the hire, with the terms of hire stating the hirer is responsible for all infractions and consequences.

Very helpful and anywhere to find what fines should be for violations? … /22-multas

The fines according to the recent law are listed here but I am not sure if they are being fully applied yet.

I hope I haven't told this story before here -

It shows the efficiency of the new systems being installed....
Driving violations being an early step

My citizenship application called for a DR police report - Bill of Good Standing, if you will.... done , perfectly fine.

My application dragged a bit and the 90 day validity period for that report expired.
No Problem, rewrite it...

Nope - Not so fast
The new system had been installed....
No more clean record as 2018.....
they had a 2013 speeding ticket - unpaid!

I remember the ticket and - Yes - unpaid

So, the new systems are very accurate....

Just a word of caution - is why I report it.
Not to be trifled with

That is the funniest document for traffic fines yet ( … /22-multas).  What country is that for?  jajaja Oh, the DR...are they planning on hiring an extra 2 or 3 million traffic controllers to enforce it???  I can easily report most of those infractions every time I drive down the road.  Even the ones driving right by Digesett...  I would love to see some real laws and actual enforcement in this country but it is almost non-existent.  Even when someone without a driver's license drives into you (their fault no license) causing 1000's of dollars in damage, your insurance company still hold you accountable and the police do nothing to the person that should be put in jail... In fact when we asked what would be done they said they "might" fine her.  Ok, I say how much?  Oh 1000 pesos...jajaja  Can't even follow their own laws.  Just for the record, it was my Dominican wife that got into the accident so they weren't applying different rules to a foreigner.  This is the wild wild west, won't be changing anytime soon.  In fact after the next election they will probably change everything they have done and start over...

Absolutely right. Laws are not the issue, enforcement is.

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