Dating in Dominican Republic

Updated 2022-04-22 09:55

Just like anywhere else in the world, people in the Dominican Republic want to find love, their significant other, a partner in crime. So are some dating tips if you're moving to the Dominican Republic.

What to expect from dating a Dominican?

First of all, let's start with the fact that it will be a very different experience whether you're looking to date a woman or a man.

Gender roles are far from equal in the Dominican Republic. Meaning that men are still considered to play the leading role in a relationship.

And this is not considered wrong per se in this country, as women tend to actually like taking on a more subordinate part when it comes to dating.

Just to be clear - all the information we have gathered for this article is to be taken with caution as it is a very general opinion based on the stereotypical dating life in the Dominican Republic and not on personal and individual experiences.

Dating in the Dominican Republic can be a bit different from other countries. Most people stated that things could get more serious at a usually faster pace.

Be prepared to move forward relatively quickly.

If a Dominican guy plans a romantic night, you can be sure that his intentions are to make you his girlfriend and not just a one-time thing (not saying this will be automatically a monogamous relationship from his side.)

On the other hand, women expect the men to take on the steering wheel, plan a date, surprise them with little gifts, etc. The good old gentlemen's culture is worth gold in the Dominican Republic!

They want to be spoiled but not overwhelmed, or they might lose interest faster than you'd think.

Whether dating a man or a woman, expect fun and movement. Dominicans are life-loving people, and they appreciate outgoing and open people with whom they can share a good laugh and one or two dances. Women also expect men to be stylish - be sure to bring your disco robes!

Where to find your date?

Dating apps and online dating sites are amongst the most popular places to find a date for the night.

One of the reasons for that might be because that way, you can already arrange something before even going to the Dominican Republic and also to get a feeling about how the other person is before actually meeting up. The motto "safety first" is essential for travelers dating in a foreign country, especially women!

These are the most common sites and apps to find your perfect match in the Dominican Republic:


If you don't have a profile already, it's time to get one. Tinder is probably the biggest and most popular online dating app worldwide, and you'll find millions of possible matches anywhere in the world.


Signing up for Tinder is fairly straightforward. The only thing is that you previously need a Facebook account, that you'll connect with Tinder, a phone number, or you're Google account info. Next, you'll fill out some basic profile info, upload a few pictures, and you can start swiping.

Membership types

Without any further requirements, you can already start swiping, checking out profiles, give likes, and once both users have matched each other, you can start talking.

If you seek more options, you can get either 1) Tinder Plus, which offers unlimited likes, a rewind option, 5 Superlikes a day, 1 monthly boost, and a passport so you can swipe anywhere in the world and not just in your current location or 2) Tinder Gold, that gives you "Top Picks" and the option to see beforehand who liked you already.

Dominican Cupid

This Cupid site was launched in 2006 and grew into one of the Dominican's favorite online dating sites. It is very attractive due to its extensive and personalized profile options.


You will be asked to provide your e-mail, name, gender and create a password before you can start browsing.

Membership types

Standard, Gold, and Platinum.

The basic option allows you to create your profile and add some pictures, and you can also start looking through profiles and demonstrate interest. The gold option enables you unlimited communication options and frees your app from ads. With platinum, you can do all the things mentioned before and benefit from higher profile ranking, more space to add information, better algorithm, VIP, and translation features.

Latin American Cupid

This is basically the same site as Dominican Cupid, only with a broader range of countries represented. The registration process and the membership options are the same.

Other websites and apps:

  • Badoo
  • Tagged
  • Amo Latina

What is the best spot to meet people?

Punta Cana

It is unquestionably the most famous and most visited place in the Dominican Republic. You will find Dominicans mingling with all sorts of foreigners, which makes the dating pool and, therefore, your options even more extensive.


While most people in touristy areas will be able to speak English more or less conversationally, be aware that this might not be the case in the rest of the country. Learning some basic phrases in Spanish will definitely be a big plus!

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We do our best to provide accurate and up to date information. However, if you have noticed any inaccuracies in this article, please let us know in the comments section below.