New members of the Mauritius forum, introduce yourselves here - 2018

Hi all,

Newbie on the Mauritius forum? Don’t know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in Mauritius if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

I'm Samuel but you can call me Sammie. I'm a Nigerian studying at Middlesex University Mauritius. Overall my experience has been generally good. Looking to explore Mauritius more, but that'll be after school.

hi I am Julio and am new, single and  in Mauritius
please keep me informed with social events happenings as I need to start meeting people.

Hello everyone and welcome on board.

@ Julio Da Costa, events wil be posted in the Events in Mauritius section. We will notify you when we organise an event. For the time being, you can have a look at that section from time to time, to see what has been posted.

All the best,

thanking you so much

Thank you Julien :)


I'm Isha, I moved to Mauritius 4 days ago and based on whatever little I've explored so far, I'm loving the place. Coming from Bombay, Mauritius is a sight for the sore eyes; clean roads, clear blue skies, no traffic and of course the starry sky at night!
I'm a job-seeking architect and artist by passion, I must say that Mauritius has impressed me so far on both these fronts.

I need one little help though: Can someone please tell me if there are French classes in Quatre Bornes? and how expensive is it? So far I don't have a car and Alliance Francaise is far!!!
Any leads would be appreciated, thanks!


Hello -  New in Mauritius, and I do not see a lot a social events or meet ups for expats - is there any planned soon? thanks

Hi at times i put can join on..


Im in Mauritius for 2 weeks training from sunday before i officially move in March. So it would be nice to meet new faces from abroad and local.


Hey, I'm Arjun. We're looking to move to Mauritius in the next couple of months from India. I'm running an IT business - developing all kinds of web applications and ERP systems for businesses.

Looking for some guidance on setting up a business in Mauritius and also looking for a good place to stay and schooling for 2 kids.

Looking forward to meeting locals and other expats.

I am in Mauritius for a short visit from 28th Feb to 4th March.

We are a family on a trip around the world and making a short stop (1 month) in Mauritius.  Looking for opportunities for kids to work on French.  Will arrive April 21.

Anyone here living around Vacoas :)

Hi...New over here.

Looking forward to connect with Mauritian expats around the world. I am an entrepreneur living in Mauritius and my mission is to create a business that will help strengthen emotional connections and relationships between people, businesses and countries.

Hi grimsammie!
I live in Vacoas... what can I do for you?


I'm Steve and I'm from the UK. I plan on moving to Mauritius in July and am currently looking for a job. I work in IT and any help finding a position would be gratefully received.


Hi everyone!

My name is Sapna and I'm from London. I moved to Mauritius in August and I am a teacher (English language and dance).

I work here as an English language teacher for a language school but I'm about to set up private English language lessons in Grand Baie.

I am also setting up some dance classes but I'm not sure how Mauritius will handle this because the dance I teach can be considered a little bit risqué!

It's hard to find genuine friends and I'm struggling with adapting to the culture here, even though my parents are Mauritian, because I'm English. I'm trying to not expect too much...but life here is just so different. I'm used to being really sociable but Mauritius, compared to London, just feels so limiting.

Well that's my life story 😂 what's yours?!


My name is Cris. I am a UK national born in Kenya. I work in the Energy sector as an Engineer and also as an investment Practitioner. I am looking at relocating to Mauritius to set up a new venture. I have been reading about the place, and am attracted by the Governance and stability. I plan to relocate within the year hopefully. Any help, tips will be greatly valued.

Hi, having been here recently on holiday ive kind of fell in love with this island, its people and the fantastic history and culture, my problem is, how do you find the confidence to just leave everything you know behind, where would i start? Would it be best to take an extended vaccation, to try and put some feelers out first, would it be best to try to find a job first? Or accomidation?.

I am in similar situation. In Mauritius when you searching for jobs, it's mainly who you know and best way to do is to approach employers directly or make some contacts with international companies before you arrive (minimum salary to be granted VISA must be 60,000 Rupees per month. It is not an easy task as it can be difficult whilst you not there but on the other hand if you arrive on tourist VISA I think you need to leave the country and then come back with Work VISA ( been told this but not 100% sure).  Other option that I been told you can do, is you an set up your own company ( i been told its not that difficult but can not comment more on it as I am not too sure either. Anyhow, everything is possible if you do invest time and energy in searching for work opportunities depending on your skills or creating your own something. Anyhow best of luck and I hope everything will work out for you!


I live in France and am planning on spending four months in Mauritius from the end of November with a friend. We are looking at the possibility of starting some small business, so hopefully will become more informed about life in Mauritius from this forum :)

Hi everyone

I'm Walied. I never imagined I would end up on an island, but in 2010 I fell in love with a Mauritian lady and we got married later that same year, and after seven years in South Africa, and with the political climate and instability and crime situation, we thought we would move to Mauritius and give our daughter another perspective, or the experience of the other half of her cultural heritage.

It has been a lovely change in so many ways. Luckily my wife got a job quickly within our first week, teaching at a good English medium school, and my daughter attends at the same school which is great! But it's been harder for me, as a Resident/Site Engineer/Project Manager, most companies want French speaking, and my French is limited to "croissante", and "chocolate mousse", "bon voyage" and "bon apetit" :))
But we get by on my wife's salary, and staying at her mother's house until I get a job or one of my book's becomes a bestseller... my daughter and I love to take the short bus ride from our village through sugar cane plantation and Trou de Douce to Palmar and the most stunning unspoilt uncommercialized warm beaches, where they even serve fresh Halim or Briyani on Sundays. Now that my idea of heaven. We love it!

I am also a writer and working on a book of non fiction called i12bf3 Hack Thy Self - Spectrum of Consciousness, and a fiction work dystopian future, and a sci-fi screenplay. Look forward to connecting and hooking up.


Hi Jordz, I have a spare room for rent and I'm a Brit lol I can give you some advice! Will pm you

Hello everyone, another Mauritian newbie here!

I just moved here in February, I'm originally from the UK but I've been living in the US for the last ten years in San Francisco and Austin, Texas. I've moved here with my Mauritian husband and two young children (5 months and 2 years). Partly so that the children can grow up closer to some family, and partly because we think there are exciting opportunities here on the island. The US has been great but I'm looking forward to our new adventure here, I may be an outsider but even I have noticed how rapidly Mauritius is changing even in the five years since I've been coming, I think it's an exciting time to be here.

I'm a museum curator/collections manager by training, not sure what opportunities might exist in that sphere here but would be excited to hear from anyone who works in the sector to get a sense of how things work here. Also planning on some entrepreneurial projects in the consumer internet sphere...

Uprooting your whole family and moving to the other side of the world is an exciting/stressful/traumatic process so it's great to know that a community like this exists so we can help each other through the transition. I'm looking forward to sharing the adventure with you and hope to meet some of you in person at an event soon!

Lisa :)

I'm Sammie a student from Nigeria. Mauritius a small Island, so your experience is expected I guess. Making new friends is especially difficult, but luckily for me, there are quite a lot of people from my country at my school. Still hope I can make more friends from here because I think that's the best way to actually experience a new culture is through the eyes of the natives. Good luck with your dance school :)

My name is Veronique and îm and private instructor i teach French. I live in Beau Bassin .

Hi! I'm interested in taking French lessons. I live in grand baie but work in pamplemousses, would either location work? Thanks!

hi ,i am also in london and is thinking of going but don't still know what to do there

Hi isha
i am from london and is planning to go there .the only advantage i have on you is i have a double nationality .I can tell you that your job is in great demand there .and will be pleased to be able to meet you there

Hi there. I am Jacqui from South Africa. We are looking into the whole process. Can anyone assist with how to start with the paperwork etc? Must i contact an immigration agent?
Many thanks

Hi Jacqui
my best advice is to go through the Mauritius Board of Investment.
I think you can do everything on line.

We are Gerdus and Annalie, we are visiting Mauritius this coming week 14-21 March with the aim of settling here. I am looking at different options and would like to meet some expats while we are there to talk about my ideas. Just a brief introduction about me will follow.
I was a potter/artist for the bulk of my early life. I studied art in South Africa and hold a diploma in ceramic design. I then became a mineral dealer and sold rocks and minerals worldwide. I then opened a Rockshop at Hartbeespoortdam and still have the shop. And was considering opening a similar shop in Mauritius but if this is not possible I would love to go back to my art and live in Mauritius as an artist. The desicions are rather stressful because I will be self employed and would need the help of the expat community in a big way. Is there someone or a few of you that would be willing to meet with us to chat over coffee this coming week. It will be really appreciated. Well I would say much more than appreciated

Hi there

My husband and i are both in the motor industry. He is a dealer principal and i am a Finance and Insurance Manager. I'm trying to get an idea if there are such positions there and what the average salary would be....don't know where to start.

Hi All

Can anyone assist with some information on how the motor industry in Mauritius works??

What would you like to know?

Hi there

Thanks for the reply. I just wanted to know if the dealerships in Mauritius have positions such as a Dealer Principal and Finance and Insurance Manager (or do people go directly to the bank for financing of a vehicle)?

Thanks alot


I am Katerina and I am going to be a second year student at MDX, I study in London, but I am moving to Mauritius for a exchange.
Could you pass me some info about working and living there? Thanks. :)

Hi Katerina, I actually study at Middlesex in Mauritius. It's a beautiful country with sparkling beaches and lots of sunshine. If you can speak both English and French, then you'll have an advantage when it comes to job opportunities. However, you can get by quite well with just English. I think you'll find the cost of living to be relatively inexpensive when compared to England. Since you'll be studying at Middlesex, it's probably a good idea to find an apartment at Flic en Flac. It's the closest residential area to school and a lot of students already live there. It's also a beach town. You can probably get a studio apartment for between 8000 to 10000 Rupees a month. Hope this was useful. Have a nice day. :D

Hello am sure you will love mauritius or living is quite good compare to other countries...also you are in a safe country...apart study if you like to discover Mauritius nature i do hiking activities please feel free to join..thank..

Thanks, Grimsammie,

do you know if there is any possibility to work for MDX?

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