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My name is Valerie and I have been living in Mount Maunganui since Aug 2017.  I moved here from California  to be near my daughter who is going to school here. I have fallen absolutely in love with New Zealand and hope to make it my permanent home. I have spoken to an immigration lawyer and he has advised me that my only chance of getting to stay is to find employment. I have been looking for a good bit of time now but it’s hard because I am on a visitor visa, not a work visa. It’s catch 22 because I can’t get a work visa without a job. I am reaching out to other expats to see how they managed to find a job. Any help or advise you can lend will be greatly appreciated.


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I suggest you to read this article, you might find some answers :
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You may also create a detailed resume in the Jobs in New Zealand section.

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Yes it is quite hard for someone like you on a visitor visa.  One way I suggest you may try is to do volunteer work for an organisation.  This means that they start to know more about you and may consider a permanent position to you if that fits their requirements.  On the other hand you may have the opportunity to see if that is the organisation you may like to join for  a longer term.

One of the reasons why it is so hard is that you do not have local relevant working experiences.  In order to accumulate this experience in a limited time this may seem to be one of the viable options.

All the best to you.

Its hard try getting any job to pay your bills in a fast food restaurant or supermarket you can work weekends for five days a week on one or two week days go an Volunteer to work and if they like you they will offer you a position suggest you move to Auckland as their might not be many opportunities in Mt Maunganui or Tauranga. Good luck its not easy so I understand your plight it was the same when I cam here in 1990.

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