moving from saudi to dubai with exit re entry visa

hi guys , im still working here at KSA, but im planning to have a visit on dubai but i dont wanna go back here in Ksa , im planning to find job in dubai ,will i face any problem? please help 😊

Hi, If you go on exit re-entry visa to any country and do not come back to KSA, you will be banned for 3 years.
Also I have heard from a source that if KSA bans someone , he will be banned from whole middle east and vice versa.
you can do one thing. Leave the job from KSA and go to Dubai and search job. but that is quite risky and expensive for you

My present company in Saudi Arabia is not sending me by final exit, they will stamp exit/ re-entry visa in my passport. I have a better job offer from United Arab Emirates. Can I enter United Arab Emirates for job if I am having reentry visa of Saudi Arabia?

At first place, why your current company is not sending you on final exit visa if you give them notice period with valid justification. I would recommend not to tell them you have another offer.
I am afraid you should not be caught in legal trouble if you go on exit re-entry and don't come back. For sure they can ban you if you don't come back.
Try taking final exit from them and then take a move. There are a lot of jobs at UAE , you can get another better one.

Hi I’m currently working in Saudi and got an exit re entry. Now, I have a work visa in Qatar. Can I go there without facing any problems at Saudi airport/ immigration?

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