which city to move to ?

I am about to move to South Africa. I am a mechanical engineer and have no idea which city to move...

What do you suggest?


Hi Aziz

It really depends on what you are looking for.
As I have lived in all three of the major cities this is my opinion not based on any researched but purely from what I have seen and experienced.

Johannesburg is the business hub with salaries being higher but so is the cost of living. You will definitely need a car as everything is far apart. There are many suburbs to choose from which are quite safe but make sure to get something close to where you work. I like to think of JHB as the New York of South Africa. Beware of the city as crime is high, the suburbs are nice though. I have also found that in JHB people can live next to each other for years and never say a single word to each other. The winters are chilly and it takes a very long time to get anywhere as traffic is terrible.

Cape Town is a hot spot for tourists with lots of beautiful scenery and lots to do. I lived in Cape Town for two years and didn't really like it. The winters there makes me think of England meaning that it rains alot, the sea is cold and it's a windy place. The people are generally very friendly but I find that there is a lot of racial undercurrents which is surprising in this day and age. You can make a good living here too but again the cost of living is very high. Car also needed here.

Durban is by far the place I have most enjoyed living. Although the salaries are less the cost of living is also less. Everything is closer together so you can literally get anywhere within 15 minutes. I have come across many foreigners who now live in Durban and are very happy here. The whether is subtropical and even in winter is still warm - this was the deciding factor for me as I hate cold. People operate on a different vibe here. It just seems everyone is more relaxed as opposed to JHB where it feels people are rushing through their lives.

Don't know if any of this has been helpful but  these are my thoughts :-) Also don't believe everything you hear about South Africa.

Hello Silky33,

Thank you for your response which is very neat. I agree with you. When I think about those 3 cities, Durban would be the best place for me. I have been preparing my ECSA documents for a month and after passing that stage, I will have a look at Durban more closely.

I do not care what people say about SA. As every community and country has their bads and goods. You should know where to stop and how to behave :)

You have been very helpful,
Nice to meet you,

My pleasure  :)

What do you do?


Cool. I am an engineer

Awesome, well feel free to get in touch should you end up in Durban. I hope all goes well for you

I may ask you a couple of questions before I move there... May I add you on facebook...? :)


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