Apply for driving license in malaysia by foreigner

terrible is you !! , haven't you get yet that there is no way or you have to mention your life story details , me also the same just knew that the only way to get the international one from the embassy

Hi Gravitas and all my friends here,

I am from India and having all valid E.P VISA, Passport, Indian Driving License.

Can i apply for International Driving License Permit (IDP) at any JPJ office in Malaysia ?

If not possible is there any way to get IDP in Malaysia itself .

Your feedback will be highly appreciated !!!

Thanks in Advance,

Hi All,

I am from india and holding valid Indian DL. I want to drive in KL legally.

I do not have any plan now to go to India to apply IDP and going to driving class in Malaysia is too costly and time consuming.

Is there any way to apply IDP (International Driving License Permit) at any JPJ office in Malaysia or Indian Embassy.

Your valuable feedback is highly Appreciated !!!

No. An IDP for an Indian DL has to be issued in India!!

You need to take a Malaysian driving test to drive legally longterm.

Thanks dear !!!

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