need help, can someone arrange export car from Malaysia?

refer to subject

any agent can handle used car export from Malaysia? thanks

What type of export ? Explain plz.

used car, export from Malaysia to overseas
loading, customs clearance
export docs etc.


I am from New Delhi, India. I got a job offer RM12000 fixed perid contact for 2 years. I am getting india 65k takehome.
Please suggest me , can get permanent job in malasiya.
If I not applicable for permanent job then which contract is better 1 year or 2 year.

I have 1 day to sign this contract...plz help me

Your employment pass will expire after 2 years and you would then have to get the job contract renewed so that the work permit can be extended. If the company does not want to continue employing you it would mean looking for another employer, job and employment pass. Foreigners always have immigration to deal. For people earning rm15k upwards there is a visa they can apply for after 3 years  So even if it was possible to find a "permanent" job, it would not mean a "permanent" immigration status. Because of the COL in Malaysia it would be good if the uplift in salary was about 20% or higher if thinking about shifting here.

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