Guidelines on stay-duration (outside Belgium) while on type D Visa?

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I have a situation that I have a valid work permit for one year and because of personal reasons I will have to go back to my home country for few months and come back for official work again.

I heard from one of my friend who is already working here for a software company, that you cant stay outside of Belgium (30 days in a row), else the work permit will expire.

I am searching over internet but couldnt find any helpful information yet.

Please provide your personal opinion, or some official documents/website.

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Hello sir. You have just D visa on your passport with work permit or you have A temporary card with work permit explain  me bro thanks

I have work permit for one year and type D visa on it for the same duration.

D visa (long stay) holders after first entry to the country must report to the local commune and get a residence permit.

Hi Mr anees. But Mr raual are saying he have just D visa with work permit. It's not clear he have resident permit A CARD OR NOT YET.?? EXPMANE MR RAUAL PLEASE. THANKS

Correct, i dont have residence permit yet. It is in preocess amd is not received yet.

Wait for your RP.
Once you have the RP,
You can re enter the country during validity of the RP. About eligibility to work, do check with the employer.

Thanks for the reply.
What if i leave in 80 days since my day of arrival and renter to the country while my RP is still in process?

I found the below information according to which I can leave Belgium and come back without residence permit only if I have not completed 90 Days stay in Belgium.

Another reference of the similar information: … etour.aspx

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