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the inauguration of New Governor of DKI Jakarta, what is your expectation?

My hope is he will do what he's supposed to do, preferably keeping the trees shaking that Ahok rattled so many useless and corrupt officials out of.
Slum clearance, park and other social projects, rubbish control/management and all the other stuff Ahok got moving.
Then he needs to sort the street litter issue, installing rubbish bins every hundred metres and litterbugs losing their KTP until they've paid a fine.
The really big one is NOT pandering to any interest groups with political ambitions.

As a note, we have to be careful of political topics in case they fall into arguments so hopes are fine but heavy political comment is a bad idea unless it's something that will seriously effect the expat community, thus becoming a valid topic.

Agreed Fred, tighten the administration of Jakarta residents, including ID card, and continue the program ahok relocate residents who are in slums, arranging capital city. Jakarta, indeed requires the same understanding of all elements of society, hopefully, the Capital becomes a safe place for all people including people from abroad who settled in Jakarta

I really hope the new governor and team continuing Ahok programs which is work so well and fixing lot of things in Jakarta. Honestly I'm trying so hard to not being sceptical but with a little hope...who knows  :D

yes, forget the events of the PILKADA campaign, all have the same hope of bringing a comfortable capital city Jakarta, for everyone. by what means are they comfortable? of course the beauty of a Garden of Paradise, the economy of a stable society, and of course tolerance between religious and community groups are well preserved, this will be realized if we all support and try to do it.

Ha ha ha tolerance between religious groups hence why the last governor is still in jail for comments taken out of context.

All changes will be part of the tapestry of Jakarta right lot wrong and what happens next is what the good folks of Jakarta voted or didn't vote for. So let's wait and see.

As The Who once sang 'meet the new boss, same as the old boss'

Ahok is banged up because he did something very stupid - twice.
He knew the porn king and his mates were after him but he still made reference to religious text when it simply wasn't needed to put his point forward, then refused to accept a deal that would have let him go free.
I admit I like the guy and what he did for Jakarta but that doesn't negate the fact he was silly.
As for the thread, the future is an undiscovered country from whose bourn no news can travel to us so that leaves us guessing until Herbert George Wells' contraption wanders into reality.

The big news for Indonesia is coming from a land far far away in the form of released letters and, in a short while, notes from the farm, a place with no Old McDonald, but maybe in a country with lots of McDonald's.
That's something a lot of people will be sweating about at the moment, especially when the news of who was trained where comes out of the closet.

And so it begins again … on-speech/

And from Fred's cryptic but useful post

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it:

Indonesia massacres: Declassified US files shed new light -

lukereg :

And so it begins again

BMI also argued that Anies’ speech was a direct violation of Law no. 40/2008 on the Eradication of Racial and Ethnic Discrimination, which is punishable by up to five years in prison.

Oops - that's another gov with potential for up to five years slammed up ........ and/or a shorter than expected political career.

As for my comments on the other matter, there are a lot of skeletons in a lot of cupboards and that rattles are likely to be loud if they become public knowledge. One of the gentlemen who will be sweating was a 'farmhand' who was supported in the back then by the Confederation of Interesting Agriculture.

I've done a little reading up and had a peek into a few things to confirm my thoughts and ideas, those making "pribumi" look a lot worse as well as very illegal in a political speech.
One hopes for common sense and reason to win over racism and stupidity.

I agree with you Fred,  politics can solve the relationship of brotherhood, friendship, even a child's relationship with his father. I think that's what happened during the elections of DKI, when ethnic, religion became the last option to bring political opponents, then he is the winner. therefore, for the sake of unity And the unity of the nation, and tolerance  keep awake with let each other remind friends, friends and other relations, in order to keep the harmony, And begged to stop the chain message he thought disturbing unity and religious tolerance.

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