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Does anyone have experience or advice on obtaining Medical Aid or Health Insurance in Mauritius for Non-Mauritian citizens?

We are relocating to Mauritius from South Africa in December.


You would either need to consult with your current Med Aid in SA such as Discovery and see if they will offer you cover whilst in Mauritius or else contact BUPA. BUPA do have an office in SA and they will be able to assist you.

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I'm almost certain you can take out health insurance with the insurance companies that operate here in Mauritius.

Check out Swan, LIC and SICOM to name just a few.

Just a quick note
I am in the same situation as Nadey, currently in South Africa moving to Mauritius.
I have contacted Sean and several medical aids in Mauritius and they do not cover persons over the age of 55.
Do you know what options someone over this age may have for medical aid?
Are there smaller private medical aid companies with less stringent member requirements?

To clarify can I apply for medical insurance from a Mauritian company in Mauritius or do I need this prior to my arrival ?

Better obtain one here itself! They are pretty reliable!

Hi guys I'm from SA just immigrated to NZ we thought before we think of residency we would love to move ek Mauritius rather. As the weather is far more what we would enjoy. Do you pay for medical insurance and any info you can share please. I am researching as well.

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My wife and I are moving across from South Africa, in July 2019. Which are the most reliable health insurance companies you have used? I am currently on Discovery Medical Aid and would like to find a similar medical coverage.

I would appreciate any feedback you have to offer.

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Thiren hi,
we're in the same boat, also on Discovery... just looking for a hospital plan in Mauritius. Only one I could find so far was Cigna. but it is around USD 365 per month... which seems very pricey. If I find anything else I'll let you know. Let me know to see.

Thank you very much Elaine, would appreciate your feedback. I am also going through a few options with my colleagues there, will share any useful info with you as well.

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I am also on Discovery but will be with SWAN once there.  The medical aids are different but all come with hospital plan and in-patients cover, compulsory Catastrophe cover and optional outpatients.  I canvassed 3 companies before making my decision. If you need more help/details or a referral, inbox me.

Viv hi only saw this post now. Can you give me more details about SWAN pls? I’ve friend requested you, I’m sure we can then exchange email addresses.

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