D card vs B Card in Belgium after 5 yearss


I am just pondering about the differences between a B Card and a D card in Belgium after 5 years of uninterrupted stay

What i know so far

B Card
Can apply after 5 years
allows to stay in belgium for an additional 5 years
eligible to social welfare system in belgium
do not need a work permit in Belgium

D card
can work in belgium and other EU states with out a WP

What i don't know

1. how long is the D card valid far ?
2. if i leave Belgium and work in other EU state, can i always come back to Belgium and apply for Belgian nationality in the future as a holder of a D card - or do i need to apply for a B card again and then go for nationality ?
3, after I get a D card or B card -- what type of RP will my spouse get ?? a 5 year B card after she stays in Belgium for 5 years ??

if i am wrong about something kindly let me know.


Did you get the answer to your questions? If yes please share.


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