Online shopping in Austria

Hello everyone,

Shopping online can be far more convenient and offer greater choice than going into shops, be it grocery shopping or retail.

Are there options for online shopping in Austria? Which sites or apps do you use most frequently and are these local or international?

Are there particular products that are cheaper to buy online or that are perhaps not available in Austria?

What is the delivery process like — is it easy to receive deliveries and what are the costs of shipping? Are there any taxes to pay upon receipt?

Thank you for sharing your experience.


Austria is not the quickest of countries to catch on with what is happening in the rest of world. He has just started doing online food shopping in the last year, whereas other countries like the UK have been doing it over 10 years.

You can order more things from local shops now, and more shops are catching on. They range from Electronic stores like Media Markt and Saturn to DIY stores like OBI. You, of course, have the main leaders like Amazon and Ebay to use.

Billa is pretty good for groceries. I haven't done a lot of other online purchasing from local stores. Amazon is good but be aware that market place items often dont ship to Austria.

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