Family final exit

My family want to go on final exit what is the per month new fee I should be pay of each dependant
kindly help me for this regard


Just pay 250 riyals per head separately through any online banking services.

And then go to your absher and issue final exit visas.

We tried this with our friends and got exit visas.

Hope you  got it.

Dear friends,
                      My question is that " My family want to go on Final exit" on 06-10-2017 Iqama expiry date 27-07-1439
Now about fee there are 2 types fee
(1) Dependant tax per month 100 SAR started from July 2017
(2) 200 SAR fee as we are paying before July 2017 as a government fee  to get exit re-entry.
    How much I should pay of my dependent go on final exit,
Please help me regard this issue

Thanks and Best Regard

Engr. Muhammad

Your Iqama expiry date = 27/07/1439 it means last year it was 27/07/1438 or in gregorian 23/04/2017.

Dependent fee is applicable from 01/07/2017 to 01/10/2017 (as on today) = 3 months.

Hence you have to pay now for each dependent = 300 SR (For 3 months)

But to obtain final exit visa you have to pay minimum 65 days amount (around 250 SR) in advance even if they leave tomorrow. This amount is non refundable as we experienced this with our friends and even we got the information from Jawazat when we called them. 

Hope you got the subject now.


final exit of dependent"
                                        My family will go on final exit date 06-10-2017, i can get final exit visa it is any limit, some people tilling it should be apply before 2 month, Kindly help me for this regard,
  Thanks full to you in advance

Engr. Muhammad

You can apply for exit visa whenever your family leaves even if is today but you have to pay at least 65 days amount which is near 250 SR to get the final exit visa from absher (Which we can say around 2.5 months amount in advance).

If you pay that amount (250 SR) you can obtain final exit visa immediately and they doesn't care if your family leaves on 06/10/2017 or up to 2 months (01/12/2017).

Hope you got

Thank you very much

final exit of dependent"
                                        My iqama expire on 15/11/1439 (28 july 2018) , i want to make final exit on 18 july 2018. can they stay more two months?. procedure to  pay for more two months dependent fee. please can explain briefly.

  Thanks full to you in advance

Dear from where we pay 250?

I am also trying to make final visa for my family and I want to go with them also and my iqama will expire on 3-12-1439

How can I pay monthy and where
I am using samba bank
It showing only date wise

Salam, i have a question:

if i have already paid the dependent fee for the whole year say for example till Nov. 2019 and now i am going to apply for final exit for my family in May 2019, Do i have to pay also separately for 60 days (time to leave within 2 Months) of final exit visa ? Isn't my already paid fee till Nov. 2019 will cover the final exit visa fee of 2 months? as i am applying final exit in May 2019.. Thanks

Hey everyone..
I landed in Saudi Arabia on 11th December.. Nd have a flight back to India on 19th December.My Dad is the sponsor . I am worried about my Final exit from the kingdom... Someone told him that u need to pay 3000 saudi riyal in order to get final exit visa... That's why we are not getting a clear picture as what to do... I am flying day after tomorrow..
Please give an appropriate process how to process and move forward .. Will i be able to fly on 19??...any suggestions would be appreciated...

Family final exit new fee is 310 SR per passport.

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