Can I travel if my EP is cancelled online.Changing jobs

Changing Job's in Malaysia and I understand that my current company has to cancel the visa online, so when that happens am I still eligible to travel to India.

The visa has to be cancelled in your passport.  Usually the process requires you to show your intended travel date by copy of your flight ticket which decides the date the EP is cancelled.

Thank you for your reply... Visa on passport will be cancelled during stage-2 rite.. so when I tell my current company to cancel the visa online and issue NOC which is can give it to my prospective company and then I visit india and comeback on 10days and then handover my passport for stage-2.. any risk.. is it possible to be done.

No - visa needs cancelling in passport before application for new EP by new employer can begin.

You don't have to leave the country when changing jobs.

Thank you  Gravitas for your prompt reply, I understand I dont have to exit country but I have the need to travel to India and I dont understand how to deal with it. I just resigned..last working day is Nov-17th. Date of joining in new company is Nov-27th. I want to travel to India on Oct-10th and will be back by Oct-25th. Kindly guide how to handle this as I NEED to travel to India during that period. I have my travel approved by my current company but not sure if these visa things might cause any issue.

This looks problematic to me, as you would be without any valid visa from 18th November to 26th November. That would make entering Malaysia on 25th an issue.

It is recommended by Fragomen (the leading immigration firm) not to leave Malaysia when changing jobs … s-malaysia

Perhaps your current company can cancel your visa later by agreeing to unpaid leave?

I am traveling in October not in November :-))

Noted. You still will have no valid visa from 18-26 November. You should have continuity for the EPs i.e. start date.

I don't see a problem travelling with a valid EP.

Why don't you cancel your EP when you get back on 25th October? That would give time for the new EP application, as long as current company are giving you the NOC. Your company could start your tax clearance before you leave on 10th October as the leaving date is agreed?

You will need tax papers for the new EP to be processed plus cancelled pass and NOC.

So I can choose when I want to cancel my VISA...bcos I understand visa will be cancelled online first and then NOC will be given by my current company and then the new company will apply visa online for stage1 approval and then for stage2 approval I need to submit passport.
How long does it take for stage1 approval and how long does it take for stage 2 approval.

There is no Stage II "approval". Stage II is the endorsement of the sticker into the passport (i.e. finalisation of approval gained at Stage I)

Once you start work at your new company, they have 30 days in which to submit your passport to immigration to get the Stage II process completed.

Have you heard there is a new system?  Because always before, shortening of the validity of the old EP in the passport had to be done before commencement of the Stage I by the new company. This was because a person can only have one approved EP at any time.

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