TOEFL as Proof of english proficiency for Visa application

Hi everyone, I was recently invited to work on an Austrian company, and I already prepared all my documentation to submit. My only problem is the TOEFL certificate. My employer said I should send a proper, signed TOEFL certificate, but ETS, the company who applies the test doesn't provided one, they only provided me a "Online Score Report".

Does anyone here had this experience? Will this be a problem for my visa application?

You can download an online score report from and present it as a proof of language (it works in my case). Then in a month (for me it tooks 1.5 month) you will receive mail (score report) from ets and then you can resend it directly to the AMS (in case they will not be satisfied with your downloaded score report copy)

P.S. of course you will receive  the paper report if you applied for it when you registered to the exam

Cool, I sent them my online score report, now I'm hoping they will accept it. I would be great to be able to move to Austria without the need to wait for the TOEFL printed report


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