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I am on this journey to get back to Europe from India (Chennai), on this job search visa which turned out to be the only way out for my situation. With expertise in logistics and supply chain projects, I garnered around 5 years of experience in the transportation field. My most recent experience was at Nike as Supply chain analyst

What I have;
- German basic knowledge and spent half a year studying and knowing German culture and friends
- Verflichtungserklarung and sponsor invitation from German family
- Adequate fund to cover the trip for 6 months in Belgian bank account
- Knowledge of the Western European (WE) job market and openings to an extent in my industry
- Will and passion to work in WE
- Appointment scheduled at the embassy for the job seeker visa in 15 days

What I don't have;
- Cover letter (I heard this is the game changer)
- Interview at embassy for visa granting and the ideas
- Tips and tricks to get the visa

I would highly appreciate any of your help. I too want to stay happy and any of your inputs on the 'don't have' part or anything beyond would be resourceful. Thanks

Ashik Rahman

You don't need a "Verpflichtungserklärung" (sponsorship letter) by a German family to get a JSV.
The cover letter should explain the objective of your visit, how you plan to find employment, and your alternative career plans if you cannot find a job. It must be individually written and convincing.
There are no tricks and any tip I can give you is being yourself and telling the truth. If that is enough to make the embassy staff believe you will make it, they will approve the JSV.

Hi Ashik,

How did you get the interview slot at Chennai.
I am unable to see any available slot since 2 months.

Is there a specific time when the availability is updated?
Reply would be very helpful.

Pradeep M

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