How Long Should I wait for my working visa in kuwait

Hello good day every one.....

I just want to know how long should I wait for processing the kuwait visa..I was hired last May 17 , 2017 of our employer..I already signed Job Order from our agency but we dont have copy yet. All the requirements was there already except for my Medical examination...So now it's almost 3 months waiting for my working visa....the other day I called the agency to follow-up my visa status...but they just told me to wait for there calls now I just get upset and feeling frustrated because I sacrifice alot ....the time , Money and other opportunities like intrvws for other can I go for ntrvw if I dont have passport etc...

don't worry mate .. visa some times took up to 6 months

Really sir? But why? because before when I work in Saudi arabia it took 2 months only....

really don't know... but it seems Kuwait is very slow in term of visa processing... I'm still waiting for my visa since May too.

John Cane bro
   For which company in kuwait you have been hired

Waiting for your working visa also sir? how and where did you know that it took 6 months to process the visa sir?

Have u done your medical examination sir? Me dont have yet.....

John Chan Meñoso :

Waiting for your working visa also sir? how and where did you know that it took 6 months to process the visa sir?

my agency said so

John Chan Meñoso :

Have u done your medical examination sir? still no medical yet.....

not yet mate,, actually you are waiting for work permit then they will ask for medical and police clearance to be sent to the Kuwait embassy in your country for visa stamping

ah I see....thank you for responding sir....God Bless you

John Chan Meñoso :

ah I see....thank you for responding sir....God Bless you

You welcome mate and keep the high spirit up ....

Hi it seems normal to wait quite a while.

I interviewed in nov 2016 and didnt start until end march 2017

my friend interviewed in dubai in june and isnt coming out until december

so dont panic, all should be ok.

Me too im also waiting for my visa.I was hired last july 2017 and signed the job order contract. The agency told me only 2-3mos the processing but till now im waiting.

I think most companies will let you start work with a tourist visa for the time you wait for the work visa.
At least that is what my company is doing.

Hello everyone....

I got my job offer from Kuwait through constantly in November 2017, but still I don't received visa,  can you help me.

R u got ur visa now

I got offer letter for the teacher job in Kuwait .. I signed return work agreement for a teacher job in Kuwait. Then, the every process via consultancy only.  I was attend an interview at the month of 12th December 2017. After that I gave my pre medical report along with my original  passport to the consultancy. Now 24 March 2018 Almost 3 months was over. This patient is make me lazy with worries. Is anyone clarify about visa status? Whenever I ask to the consultancy, they said me to wait for few days more.....

Hi Guys,

You don't belive me, I have attended the interview on 30th October 2017, signed my contract, they gace me a temporary offer, they have taken my passport with pcc
and i am still following up with my agency waiting for my visa....

I get offer letter from kuwait also finish my medical last month but still not coming visa so please help me how many days processes for visa

Please reply me dear

It's should take less than a month or 2 weeks but it all depends on your company procedures and their visa officer. Contact your company and follow up with them.

I don't have kuwait company contact number but I give interview corprate manpower consultancy. Before week told me still no update but he's told me from client still not come visa

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