how to chek any travel ban or police case ?

Hi I'm misthafa

I Have personal lon bank Bahrain  I need to pay  1000 bd  back to bank when I go on vacation I lost my job last year visa also cancel now I need to back bahrain how to chek any travel ban or police case plz help


refer to the below link … BIS9nQSEh/

Kindly note, if your name does not come up here there are chances that if a case has been registered they could take legal actions at the airport, ask any of your friends here to enquire at the bank and see what can be done to resolve the issue, even before you try to apply for a visa or come to Bahrain on a visit visa.



there are several ways to do it, yet the only sure way is to have a local fired o relative go to the Immigration department, second floor, office no. 6 and give in your Bahriani CPR number and inquiry if there are any travel bans or legal actions taken against you by the bank.

your friend or relative will not be held responsible for any bans/violations filed against you, if any .

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This is old post, the original poster may not be active, anyways thank you for the response.


Hi I want to ask that I am not sure my husband got any police case or not but he wants to travel and on website of travel ban I checked tht said no verdict or judicial ban on travel... can he travel now or will there be any problem on airport

That means that there is no travel ban at the moment.  And you have not stated your situation clearly i.e. is there any dispute he is involved in which makes him worried etc?

the situation is someone file case upon my husband and police take him to police.station thy keep.him for 1day and thn thy clear release him with saying case clear..whn he was about to go the police said if the person who file the case will not agree to finish case he might took the case to we are not sure if the case still upon or there any way we can get info about there is case or not??

You will get summons if case is filed in court. There is no travel ban right now. And even if the case goes to court, it has to be decided against you and the court has to order a ban for it to come into effect.

Hello. I have a legal situation here in Bahrain where I am currently under investigation and I expect to have my third court hearing in December. I checked with my work, my lawyers and online about my travel ban situation and I was told there is no ban in place. I went to the airport last night and I was stop at immigration and told I have a travel ban.  Does anyone know a way around this, I expect to lose my job in December, my VISA will be cancelled and I will be stuck here until the court process is finished. Help please.

Unfortunately until the court clears the ban, immigration will not pass.

Can anyone file a case against you in Bahrain without your concern & u get a travel ban ???

Yes they can and you should be getting a court summon once they do.

Yes and No. The ban is ordered by the execution court after hearing the facts of the case. Irrelevant facts don't lead to a travel ban. But anyone can file a case.

My cousin was stopped in airport immigration because of his phone unpaid bill.
they didn't let him to travel.
Now he paid all the bills and we even checked his name in the travel ban inquiry website( there's no travel ban). He paid the bill yesterday. So I want to know that his legal status will be clear automatically. Because we asked the telecommunication staff, they told us just to show the receipt of the paid bills in the airport and then you can travel with any issue.
Is there any way to check his legal status, that he can travel without any issue at the immigration?

NPRA office on exhibition avenue.

It's still showing in the immigration system. They told me to go to the court with the receipt of the bill, they will clear it from the system. I want to know, that where is the exact location of the court.

Should be here:
Ministry of Justice, Islamic Affairs and Awqaf - Justice Affairs
Address: Road No 1702 Diplomatic Area
Telephone: 17513000
Fax: 17536343
P.O. Box: 450

Hi, is your telecom account already terminated or closed account which may be the telecom has already filed a case against you? Coz if they have filed a case against you, you should have cleared your case first and submit a letter of clearance to immigration.

Or if your telecom account is still in contract /active, but you have just not paid or unpaid dues. And you paid for that but then still they banned your cousin to travel, then there's must be something wrong.

Sir good morning my wife was accused by hey employer the she stealed money from salon. But she did not do... she treatened her that she will not leave bahrain and make a fake story in the court.. what action we will do sir we are traveling out of bahrain next month.. thankyou for your reply

Right now, nothing as the employer hasn't done anything yet.


i am on the same problem. have you got it resolve and how

this will take howlong

Just an update.. If u think u have travel ban.. Do not go and check by yourselves.. Get someone else to do it for u.. They will catch u.. That what happens to me.

Hi [at]Xtang. Im asking for a friend.
He has an unpaid bill for Zain. They had sent notices to his home but from what i know there is no such court case because they hadnt informed him of a hearing. The amount isnt that great either perhaps around 70bd.
The issue is about a month old roughly. He plans to travel tomorrow. Would they hold him from immigration?

Not unless a court case has been filed and an execution court has issued an order.

Hi had a loan with SCB lost job left Bahrain in 2009 checked web portal said I'm clear but I have doubts. Need to get back to see my daughters

Check with immigration.

Hi, what if you’re being deported is there any other to go back in Bahrain or how long is the deportation last?

Thank you

Once deported, you won't be able to get any sort of a visa for a period of time.  The time varies case to case but usually from 3 to 5 years to a permanent ban.

Thank you XTang

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