I want to a marry with a Algerian girl

She's love me and I'm loving her and her family is agree for this but I'm not knowing the visa policy and marriage laws in Algeria please help me and giving me the some information 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂

I'm waiting your reply 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

Hello WHERE are you from originally? What's your citizenship?
I have my friend in Algiers who works helping people with all documents and expatriates...
I can tell you his phone number and get in touch on whatsapp. He is very serious about legal advisory & assistance
Hamdollah name is Salim...
Yes you can trust him...😉

Just marry her If her Family member ready for Marriage.....
And If she loves you Allot

I also like a girl who is from algeria
And She👧 is 16 and i am 👦18 and we lover each other
Will you help us in future 😣
When will we decide to marry

Me to also Insha Allah I go This October Algeria and we marriage after Insha Allah I can tell you the prosecc I'd marriage

Hello.  May I get the contact info for this guy?  I met a girl in Barns, Algeria and we have been talking about marriage for a few months.  I've never been married and have also taken the steps to becoming Muslim (laws of Algeria dictate that I must be Muslim).


So guys ı were read some imfo like a Turkish and algerian married in tunisia cuz havent much document thins so can marry in a few week but the document things take a few monts in algeria , thats why they are choise to mary in tunisia,

Dear Expert,
i want to marry in algeria to Algerian girl. we love each other Alhumdolliah .
and i am working here from last one year Alhumdollialh.
so kindly assists me for this .
i have all documents .
i am waiting the reply

Salaam brother.

I am from England. I am thinking about marrying a girl in Algeria. Can you tell me the process to bring her to this country?

Please give me Salims whats up. I have some questions ge can help.me with. ty

Hi is he still in business.            I was actually going to school to be a illagrarion consultant before covid.        I. Want to marry a man in algeria.       I've chosen to convert to Islam (not for him. But out of the beauty of the religion.). But  I very reluctant o do it outside of my own country.     We're I was considered a legal adult the day I payed my my own bills and  supported my self.                      The way international travel stands it would be easier for my partner to get. French speaking work visa  out side on Québec.   Ecause I habe a friend who owns a construction company that is will guarantee him work.    And construction is considsidered à essential job.    So thwte would be lesss travel restrictions.        He is not undertsanding. That weare  financially forced to stay in a hotel and charge almost 3 K on returning to Canada to be tested d for cOvid   Even as a citizen   and that   I can't even find. A flight that à couple years ago cost pennies.    Because algeria has a ban on any international travelers.    Canada will accept him amd my domestic partner  visitor visa.         And he keeeps  listening. To his forndd. Thinking mariage visa is the easier roooot.   But it's not.      Easier at first.    Untill you find out. What you are required to do and the limitations you have.

Hello I want to a marry Algerian girl lives in tebessa city. planing to visit to algeria this year but the visas are closed due to covid hope to open soon.

Hi, good luck for you two, if you would like to marry her, my advice to you is to marry her in your own country get her to get visa of your country and travel to you with her parents by the mean time organise everything in your side before hand , of course you need to meet her parents first and do Fatiha ( religious marriage), I am advising you that because if you wait for authorisation from the Algerian authority (assuming that you are citizen of a foreign country)that will take so long to grant your request.
After you got married you can register your marriage in the Algerian embassy in the country you live.
Good luck again.

Whats the girl name you are going to marry and age? Lol  hope we are not going to marry the same girl .lol

Hello there, can you please send a contact for that guy you was talking about? I'm planning to marry a girl from Algeria and we would like to do it in her country. I want to prepare all the needed documents for the wedding. Thank you in advance and have a blessed day!

Alsalamoalaikum sister, I would really appreciate your help with your friend's number. He might be a great help to me.

If you are still active I would greatly appreciate your friends information or any leads you have in algeria.

@Sajid Maria brother please contect with em on whatsapp i need your help *****

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@muhammadakmal did you get married or not yet ?

@muhammadakmal did you get married or not yet ?


There is a chance that the OP might not see your message as the last time he visited the forum was in 2017.

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Expat.com team

Hey Everyone, Hope you guys are doing great. So I'm a Pakistani living in Europe as student and came here like 2 years ago , I'm a Muslim( Alhumdullilah) . But i came here and indulged in activities which are prohibited in Islam. i guess just wanted blend in.

i met ( Online ) this amazing Algerian girl and she is 4 years younger then me but she has so much knowledge about Islam. well long story short, she has literally changed my life and now I'm more inclined towards Islam than ever before.

I want to marry her , i have asked her and she said Ohkay and her Parents are fine with it too. But after reading so much about scams and negative experiences here.

i think she is not like that ,she is really graceful and i do really respect her for that, i tried sending her a gift for her efforts to make my life easy when i was dealing with depression However she refused to accept any gifts.

But I have no idea about Marriage tradition in Algeria?  Any suggestions will be helpful


Just marry her, you don't have to see scam everywhere

you should listen to your heart

wom marry for love and also she's a Muslim

what are you waiting for?


@elbounabi hey thanks for encouragement, i have no concerns about she being a scam or anything, she is legit and genuine but i just wanna know if someone has any idea about their traditions and culture. I just wanna understand what I'm getting into and because i don't want her to suffer after, i just want some insights before marrying and taking someone's Daughter far away and then make someone suffer


Hello stenosemarie,

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Do you want to marry an Algerian girl as well?


Expat.com team

@tdivr same here , name and age of this girl ?

@mohsin ali82 whats her name and age pls , want to make sure its not the same girl

@tdivr name of this girl in Tebessa please

Hello Raj,

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Why would you need such details? Are you also dating an Algerian girl?


Expat.com team

@Yoginee yes iam . Seems the city is really small , i met her on line and have been talking for about 3 months now with a lot of financial help from me to her , so i want to make sure .

@Aisha32 can I have any contact number to know the legal procedure. I am a married Muslim man and doing business in UAE , I am thinking to marry in Algeria also . I found a Muslim girl there who ready to marry me .

Guys be careful :)

@Aisha32 Aisha I am interested in knowing about that person, since I want my fiancé to travel to Mexico next year, now he cannot travel because he is in the army but he tells me that next year at the beginning I want him to come and he agrees. Can you give me this person's phone number to contact him on WhatsApp and how secure is it?

@raoabdullah12080 Hi Abdullah,

Hope you're doing great brother! I appreciate that you're marrying a girl from Algeria. Please share more about your experience regarding meeting an Algerian.  As far as I know they are truly nice people and welcoming indeed. Love Pakistanis as I'm in a similar situation, if you found any leads or info. regarding marriage and paperwork then please update!

Looking forward to hear from you!

@Aisha32 Hi, can you please assist me with his details if he still does this work, it would be greatly appreciated.