Lifestyle in Algeria

Lifestyle in Algeria
Updated 2015-04-13 11:45

Being an African country, Algeria is a culturally rich and variable country, displaying different lifestyles. Find out more in this article.

If you are considering moving to Algeria, you will probably be curious about the country's environment and its population's lifestyle. Indeed, it is best to inquire about these before moving so that you get a clear picture of what life is all about in the country.

In general, life in Algeria revolves around family and religious festivals. In fact, the Algerian calendar is marked by many religious festivities and other major events which you will definitely not miss if you are settling there.


Algerian families always demonstrate a strong family solidarity. Most religious festivals and other events are celebrated in unity and with kinship love. Most men stay with their families even after getting married. Hence, you are likely to come across many extended families there. In fact, once married, women will live with their husband under the same roof as their in-laws.


Women's role is still very simplistic in Algeria. They are often considered as being inferior to men, whether their father, brother or husband.

In moral terms, parental consent is essential for young couples when it comes to planning their marriage.

Religion also occupies a prominent place in the Algerians' lives. In fact, their lives are guided by religious principles.

Moreover, men and women are less likely to meet in public. Most of them get acquainted to one another through the Internet.

Finally, homosexuality is regarded as a taboo issue by the society and is absolutely hidden from the public.

Public holidays

Most holidays refers to Islamic festivities. Thus, Aid Mawlid Annabawi, that is the prophet Mohammed's birth anniversary, is celebrated during two days, just like Eid El Fitr, marking the end of Ramadan and Eid Al Adha which is the commemoration of Abraham's sacrifice.

National holidays are also celebrated on dates which have marked the country's history such as June 19th, commemorating the anniversary of the revolutionary awakening and July 5th commemorating the independence of Algeria. Revolution, for its part, is celebrated every November 1st.


Most men spend their leisure time playing card games often after diner while drinking mint tea. Others prefer domino or even football and fishing during week-ends. What truly matters is that these moments are joyfully spent with family members or friends.

As Friday is a day off, being a holy day for the Muslim community, afternoons are spent fishing, in Algiers in particular.


As regards women, their daily routine revolves around household chores and cooking. Some of them go out only when there is a marriage celebration. However, Algerian women living in bigger cities have been able to adopt a more liberal lifestyle. Hence, they can socialize through shopping, sports or other cultural activities.

Nevertheless, their participation to the country's economy remains very low. In fact, 19% of Algerian women were employed in 2013.

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