Can Algerians use PayPal to send money overseas from Algeria?

I want to know if the guy I'm talking to online, who's from Setif, is able to get a PayPal account to send me money. Or a credit card to book a plane ticket. He has told me that he needs to go to a travel agent to book the ticket and pay for it through the black market which is a lot more expensive than if it's done online. I will not send him any money, don't worry, I want him to send me money :) and maybe, if he sent me the money for a ticket I would book it for him online. Tell me guys what you think.

hey :D
your friend probably doesn't know he can send money overseas  everyone knows its possible he just needs to find someone who has a paypal account and pay him to send u the money this way is very popular in algeria and u can find ppl who do that through an algerian site called ouedkniss im sure he heard of it
good luck with your friend

That's great info, thanks for your reply! So it isn't as hard as he is making it seem. He often says Algeria is like a prison. So wondering if this is to make me feel sorry for him or what.

it really depends on his personality many ppl living worse than he is and they're goin through it laughing without complaining  , but yeh in your case id assume he's trying to get something out of you :D , i may be wrong so keep up with him a an open mind

Just as an update for anyone, yes they can certainly get a PayPal account as he will get one soon. He just told me the other day that He has saved up half of the money for us to meet. We've been speaking three months and is going well so far.

im glad it worked out well  :D  good luck with him and i wish the best for you

algeria is really a prison  :)

Yes! Any Algerian can use PayPal to send money overseas because it's officially supported by PayPal. Check yourself the country at PayPal Supported Countries List.

Even though, I'm not sure if someone from Algeria can order a PayPal branded MasterCard. If anyone has info regarding how to order PayPal Branded MasterCard/ATM Card in Algeria then it would be highly appreciated.


I agree on that!
Was living there for 3-4 years with my family, it is a prison and every algerian is desperate to leave the country but can't

Please can you find me someone with PayPal account to  help send money overseas

PayPal is available in Algeria you can have your own account in just few steps. The main issue is that you can't use PayPal by it self you need a master/visa card linked to your account where you use the funds on your card to send money or pay via PayPal.
Here is where the problem begins, as in Algeria inorder to obtain a visa/Master card you need to deposit 1k euros or dollars + 100,000 dinars in your account and annual fees are high + the transaction and atm fees overall you need to have a good salary or income in order to afford the card fees and subscription. Why all these issues? No body knows.

Enough problems and let's discuss some solutions.
You can order cards from online banks like Paysera, wise or payoneer.
Paysera is the most popular but you need someone to order it for you sisnce they don't send cards to Algeria anymore, just a quick search in ouedkniss you'll find people who provide this services.
1- you need to creat a account using the paysera app
2- verify your ID using ( national ID card or passport)
3- topup you account with the amount of the card order fees (around 14 euros)
4- use an European adress to receive the card
5- when you receive the card activate it, link it to PayPal and happy spending.
Sorry for making it long, good luck.

Sorry sis some in ur message seem like u bad mouthing the guy like don't worry I'm not gonna send him money and stuff and second yes u can book from agency or other ways now there is visa and Mastercard in here u can have bank account with any currency you want and it's Algerian bank the only thing is u cant send money u can shop online or book flights or something like that but can't transfer overseas

So somehow u put all Algerian in one pot like they all wanna leave if the country didn't fit ur standards why u still leaving in it? Btw next time check your sources first PayPal works u can have bank account with any currency u want Mastercard visa u name

The solution of getting a card from someone abroad makes sense, but what happens after?
You have a PayPal, you have a master card linked to it, how do you withdraw the money? How much are the fees? Anyone had experience with that?
I have also Tunisian friends that used revolut in Tunisia and the fees were really low, anyone tried it?

In order to use PayPal and send or receive funds he must have a  foreign currency bank account in Algeria linked to PayPal service, I believe it's the only way but I'm not sure Algerian banks do have the PayPal service option.

@Mandy2018  thats what they hope, pity, it makes it easier to con a woman into what he wants.  A free ride out of his country.