Accommodation in Algeria

Accommodation in Algeria
Updated 2015-04-15 07:52

If you intend to move to Algeria, find out, in this article, how to proceed to find accommodation there.

Finding accommodation will be one of your utmost priorities if you are moving to Algeria. However, this can be quite complicated due to the scarcity of modern housing units across the country. The Algerian Ministry of Housing and Urbanism aims at accelerating real estate development so as to create more housing for the needy. However, you can still find a range of accommodation options, namely apartments, houses, studios, etc., in major cities. Room and flat sharing are also quite widespread, especially with students and young professionals.

Rent prices

In general, rents are quite high in Algeria, regardless of the type of housing. Hence, you will need an average of 19,800 dinars for a single bedroom apartment in the city center. In rural areas, the same type of apartment will cost an average of 15,800 dinars per month.

Moreover, prices for bigger housings units are higher, especially in the city center. Thus, a three bedroom apartment can cost more than 34,000 dinars per month while the same type of dwelling will cost an average of 21,000 dinars per month, hence a difference of 6,000 dinars.

Security deposit

Note that you are required to pay a year's rent in advance. In case of cash payment, the owner is required to declare it before the notary under the terms of the contract. If payment is made by check or by direct debit, bank statement should be needed.

You must also make a deposit which is equal to a month's rent. This sum will be refunded to you provided you have not damaged the premises during your occupation period.

Find accommodation

There are various ways to search for accommodation in Algeria. Word of mouth can prove to be a very useful tool if you have friends and contacts on the spot. You can even inquire with people around you if they are aware of any vacant housing. Otherwise, you can register with a real estate agency which can help you find housing according to your criteria more rapidly.

Finally, Internet has a range of accommodation websites and social networks you can surf and find what you need. This can be very useful, especially if you are looking for room or flat sharing.


The lease agreement has to be concluded before a notary. Otherwise, it will be considered as worthless and you will not be eligible to any right whatsoever. Notary fees will be your responsibility. These will depend on the rent price. You will also have to pay registration fees of about 500 dinars.

In general, the lease has a fixed term according to an agreement between the owner and the tenant. The contract also stipulates that you have visited the accommodation, conducted an inventory and accepted the state in which it is. In fact, you are strongly advised to visit the premises before signing the lease document. This ensures your protection as a tenant. Therefore, when you vacate the premises, the owner can only request you to repair any damage caused during the occupation period.

Good to know:

A lease can be terminated under two conditions:

  • you have to move out for your own reasons (which do not have to be justified). In this case, you are required to give a two months' notice to the owner
  • the housing unit has been destroyed during a disaster
  • renovation works initiated by the owner are preventing you from enjoying the housing unit partly or wholly.


As a tenant, you are required to settle the rent on time according to the lease terms. Besides rent, you are also responsible of other charges such as household garbage removal tax, electricity, water and gas bills, etc. Some taxes such as sewerage and council tax are included in water and electricity bills respectively. Finally, tenants are responsible of the property's maintenance such as soil health, fixtures, emergency repairs, etc. However, major changes are forbidden without the owner's consent. The inventory performed should determine this clause.

Note that subletting the housing unit is also prohibited unless it is allowed by the owner or mentioned in the lease document. The owner, for his part, is required to rent an appropriate housing unit to the tenant, pay property tax, insure the property against natural disasters, carry out major repairs such as sealing, maintenance of water pipes, maintenance of sanitary and heating appliances, etc.

Moreover, the owner has no right of preventing you from enjoying the housing unit and to have a double key so as to enter the premises without your consent. In case major repairs are being troublesome for you, either the owner will pay you a compensation or you can terminate the lease term.


The home insurance is neither compulsory nor imposed in the lease contract. However, it is highly recommended.

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